5 cafes to visit in Yaowarat during Chinese New Year

     ACU PAY will introduce you to a café in Yaowarat, Bangkok. This area has a very long history and has a lot of people of Thai-Chinese descent inhabited, so this area is another district that has many shops, restaurants, and cafes decorated in Chinese style. which is very suitable for the Chinese New Year festival. Today we have selected the best five cafes. Let’s go check them out.

1. Ba Hao Tian Mi

Location: 8, Soi Texas, Phadung Dao Rd.

Photo by Official Instagram : ปา เฮ่า เถียน มี่

    Ba Hao Tian Mi, a popular dessert cafe in house no. 8, has been renovated in modern Chinese style, very eye-catching with a unique circular entrance arch like an old-style Chinese house, with high chairs, Chinese-inspired pudding, shredded pork toast, and shredded pork bun stuffed with salted egg yolk custard, is a signature menu at Pa Hao Tian Mi.

ปา เฮ่า เถียน มี่
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Before going to the cafe, don't forget to check!

2.Nam Dao Huu

Location: Plaeng Nam Road, Samphanthawong sub-district.

Nam Dao Huu น้ำเต้าหู้
Photo by Official Instagram : Nam Dao Huu น้ำเต้าหู้

      Nam Dao Huu is an authentic Chinese-style soy milk cafe. There is soy milk, but loi in ginger soup, tofu pudding, and patonggo (deep-fried dough stick). The highlight is that the taste is not too sweet, just right, and you can also choose your toppings. Wow, that’s so good!!

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Location: MRT Wat Mangkon Exit 3 >> cross the crosswalk >> into Soi Charoenkrung 16 >> Room 2 on the left.

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    ZONG TER is a Chinese-style restaurant and cafe located directly across from Wat Mangkorn Kammalawas (Leng Nuei Yee), making it very convenient to visit. near MRT, Wat Mangkorn station. Zong ter has a dark-toned decoration. It was like sitting in a secret Chinese bar. They serve Chinese fusion dishes, including main dishes, snacks, drinks, coffee, and Chinese-style tea. This place is full of both savory and sweet. Moreover, the decoration is very beautiful, perfect for a good photo. It is another shop that is so complete.

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Before going to the cafe, don't forget to check!

  • Saturday – Sunday and holidays | 9:30-19:30 (Last order before 19:00)

  • Open: Tuesday – Friday | 10:30-19:00 (Last order before 18:30)

  • Map: click

  • Parking: China Tower (until 6 p.m.) or Pichaiyat Building, Mangkorn Road (there is a parking fee), only 3-5 minutes away from the cafe.

  • Link IG: singer 1962

  • Link FB: ZONG TER – 松德

  • Line official: @zongter1962

4.103 - Bed and Brews

Location: Soi Nana, Rama IV Road, Rong Mueang Subdistrict.

Photo by Official Instagram : 103bkk

    103 Bed and Brews, a coffee shop and hostel in an old building in Soi Nana, Wong Wian 22 Karakada Khom. This place has a Chinese-style decoration and a little bit of western sense by adding some picture frames and accessories. There is also a wide selection of menus. Don’t forget to visit 103 Bed and Brews.

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5.ARBOR cafe and cooking studio

Location: at the corner of Soi Charoen Panich, Songwat Road

Photo bay Official Instagram : arbor.cafeandcookingstudio

    Arbor cafe and cooking studio, another modern Chinese-style café that goes perfectly together, gives a vintage-minimal atmosphere. The other highlight is the bakery and drinks. It’s very interesting. If you’ve already been there, don’t forget to take pictures and share them!

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Before going to the cafe, don't forget to check!