7 Places for Dating on Valentine’s Day

This content is meant for those who are looking for a popular place for dating in Bangkok on the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Places in this article consist of restaurants and cafes which are suitable for dating on Valentine’s Day, and places for leisure walks to add sweetness in your life as well.

Today, ACU PAY will take you to 7 popular places for dating. If you’re ready, let’s take a look at them together!


Having Dinner on Sirimahannop

ACU PAY will take you to a new experience with dinner under candle lights in the middle of the Chao Phraya River’s beautiful view which docks at Asiatique The Riverfront. This is considered a new iconic landmark of Bangkok. Inside the ship, it is exquisitely designed and decorated with old photographs and classic items.

The area inside the ship is so wild that it is divided into 2 floors; the lower floor (Lower Deck) and the upper floor (Upper Deck). It is an open area, with a cool breeze for you to sit down and enjoy the scenic views of the Chao Phraya River. There are various types of seats for you to choose from. So romantic just imagine that you are on this ship with your lover, view a romantic view, taste delicious food and indulge with a luxurious vibe.

Mahanakorn Skywalk

A new check-in point with the highest rooftop viewing point in Thailand where you can stand and look at Bangkok’s view 360 degrees on a skywalk. Here, you will be amazed by astonishing beauty. The highlight here is the world’s largest glass floor above 300 meters. At sunset in the evening when the night lights twinkle, you will experience a different vibe which is like a new level of romance. Most people choose to date their loved ones on important days on the rooftop because they can see Bangkok’s view at night to every degree. If facing west, you can see beautiful lights from the ICONSIAM along the Chao Phraya River.


ICONSIAM is another place where everyone would like to visit because it is a large department store by the Chao Phraya River. It is beautiful, attractively decorated, and it mixes Thainess with modernity perfectly. Another proud highlight of the ICONSIAM is a zone that brings Thai culture, folk performances, local wisdom, and Thai-style architecture into one place. It is another viewpoint which is popular for people to take a picture by the Chaophraya River. It is ideal for dating along the river.


Planetarium arranges activities for lover to attend a special Planetarium show called “Invite couples to enjoy stargazing (ชวนคู่จิ้น มาฟินดูดาว)” at noon, also capture the vibe of the lighting in the exhibition zone, make love beads, and write DIY cards for lovers on Valentine’s Day. Planetarium is a cute dating place in Bangkok that would bring you back in time when you were on a field trip with school, but it is more special now since you are going with your lover. The atmosphere inside is cool from air conditioning and soft seats. Besides looking at the stars during the day, there are other things to see both the science museum and the underwater world as well.

Moca Bangkok

It is a contemporary Thai art museum that exhibits various works of art that anyone who is an art lover has to take their lovers there as well. It is a dating place in Bangkok where art exhibitions are held every month differently with a total of 5 floors. The highlight is in the Richard Green Room on the fifth floor where the room is green. The pictures taken from this room give off the vibe like they’re abroad, giving you a luxurious vibe like walking in Italy. Besides this room, there are many beautiful paintings. Just holding your lover’s hands to see the artwork together makes it feel good. It’s another dating place in Bangkok that everyone has to pin. Not only is there an art exhibition space but also a coffee shop, a souvenir shop, and a garden in one place.

Safari World

Safari World is an open zoo in Bangkok which is the best place to go on a date because there are many activities to do or there are many shows to show you, including tiger and lion feeding shows, orangutans, sea lions, elephants and birds. In addition to looking closely at animals, there is also a cafe to sit and chill out. The food in the cafe is decorated to be an animal character that is cute and perfect for taking pictures. You can walk all day. For those who are seeking a place to date in Bangkok with your lover, this is definitely another place not to miss.

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC)

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre or BACC is a place to exhibit artworks in the city center, easy to travel, so it is popular among people who love art. The gallery is a nine-story cylindrical building. The highlight where everyone has to take pictures is a spiral staircase that allows everyone to view art from the ground floor to the top floor. You can ask your girlfriend to date at ‘Bacc Bangkok Art and Culture Hall’.For anyone who wants to see art, there’s a lot to choose from. People who are photografter, relax as a perfect fit. Don’t miss it!

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