5 Cat Breeds That Bring Good Luck

Thai purebred cats love freedom and privacy. It is a popular pet that many people like and is considered as a pet that has lived with Thai people for a long time. Also, there are a lot of beliefs about cats. Today, ACU PAY would like to introduce everyone to 5 Thai cat breeds that match the belief that they will bring good luck to their owners. Let’s take a look together.


1. Siamese Cat

Siamese cat is an ancient Thai cat breed. It is believed that those who have a Siamese Cat as a pet will have good luck because a Siamese brings good fortune and is auspicious to the family according to the belief of ancient people. The Siamese Cat’s characteristics are off-white, blue eyes, and 9 brown spots on the body on its face, ears, tail, feet, and sexual organ. Besides the uniqueness in pattern and beautiful color, its nature is friendly and so clingy that it can win the hearts of cat lovers all over the world.

2. Burmese Cat

Burmese Cat, or people may call it ‘Copper Cat,’ is  regularly active, curious, independent, and adventurous. This breed of cat has a ferocious habit, especially to strangers. It has a graceful shape, long legs, plump feet, and a rather round head. It has a copper color and reddish brown all over it and the eyes are amber-yellow. Those who raise Burmese Cat will increase their honor. It is recommended that those who do business should have this cat breed as a pet for smooth negotiation and trade.

3. Korat Cat

The Korat cat, a beautiful diamond in the world of cat species, is another rare breed of cat. The Korat Cat is smart and loves its owner. It is believed that anyone who raised the Korat Cat will have a patron to support. Highlight characteristics of the Korat Cat are short-hair, silver blue fur all over the body, the head is  a heart shape if viewed from the front, the eyes are green or amber, but used to be blue when it was a kitten, and the tail is long with the pointed tip. It is known as a lucky cat that will bring happiness and auspiciousness to the owners.

4. Khao Manee Cat

Khao Manee Cat is a rare breed of cat native to Thailand. The characteristics of this cat are soft clean-short-white hair, a long body, slender legs, and eyes that are blue or amber. It is a cat that calls for all kinds of fortune, both attracting money and never-ending money. There is a fortune to receive unknowingly, also a prestige to owners and a patron to support. It is a relatively tame cat and is often popular in the royal court.

5. Nilchak Cat

It is a Thai cat with dark black hair color except for the hair around its neck that will be white, like a Chakra or wheel around its neck, the eyes are amber-yellow which is in contrast to the black fur color, making it looks very fierce and frightening. However, its nature is quite tame and easy to raise, and also be a sacred cat. It is believed that anyone who raises this breed of cat will gain a daily increase in wealth, and the owner will be safe from all dangers.

Cat lovers may have heard these ancient beliefs that raising an ancient Thai cat would enhance luck, and love. If they raise them well, there’s a chance of winning the lottery. If you have the opportunity to raise an ancient Thai cat breed, it can be said that the ancient people’s words are possible.

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