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Speaking of breakfast, what did you have for breakfast this morning? Did you know that breakfasts in other countries are different? Today, ACU PAY will introduce you to breakfast from around the world. Let’s take a look at those breakfasts, shall we?


1. Thailand

Let’s start with breakfast from Thailand. Of course, our main dish is rice. Thus, breakfast for some families is boiled rice with pork or rice porridge with a cup of coffee, sandwiches, coconut pudding or a cup of soybean milk with a pair of deep-fried dough sticks. Breakfast for families with small children or kids is cornflakes with milk.

2. Myanmar

Traditional breakfast dish of Myanmar is fried rice and boiled beans with green tea. Vermicelli in fish soup is a breakfast for some families.

3. Korea

Korean breakfast is a small bowl of kimchi, a bowl of rice and clear soup.

4. Singapore

Common breakfast in Singapore is stir-fried noodles with eggs, vegetables, and ham, or tofu, cereal and bread.

5. France

Common breakfast in France consists of Cafe Au Lait or hot chocolate together with orange juice. The main dishes are breads, croissants, or sometime change to have fruit cereals with milk for breakfast.

6. Spain

Breakfast in Spain is toasted bread with garlic and fresh tomato sauce, topped with olive oil and salt, and sprinkled with cheese, ham, and sausage can be added as well.

7. New Zealand

Due to the warm weather, New Zealand’s breakfast consists of grains, breads, and fruits. In winter, people have cereal bars with warm milk for breakfast.

8. China

Breakfast in China is rice porridge, minced pork buns, and hot tea.

9. Germany

Most breakfasts in Germany consist of a loaf of bread, sausages, boiled eggs and a cup of black coffee.

10. Brazil

Brazilians usually have toasted bread and jam for breakfast, or sometimes have Cold Cuts foods on bread with seasonal fruits such as papaya for their breakfast. The beverage is mainly orange juice.

11. Sweden

The Swedish normally have hard bread or toast with boiled egg, cavaliers, butter, cheese, and orange juice for breakfast.

12. United States

American breakfast consists of toast, butter, jam, and fried eggs. The drinks are tea, coffee, juices, or fresh milk along with seasonal fruits.

13. England

English-style breakfast are eggs, bacon, or sausages, baked bean in tomato sauce, mushroom, and bread with butter.

14. Japan

The most popular Japanese breakfast dish is grilled fish such as salmon, saba, or aji. It comes with side dishes that are usually already prepared such as miso soup, tamago yaki, pickles, potato salad, etc.

15. Australia

Australian breakfasts are usually cereals and toast topped with vegemite cornflakes, and orange juice.

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