5 Cat breeds that cat lovers may love to raise.

Today, ACU PAY has gathered 5 adorable cat breeds for anyone who is looking for a cat to raise as a friend. All of those breeds are full of cuteness, cuddliness and playfulness. Each breed has a different behavior and personality. You should make sure that the cat that you choose to raise is compatible with you.


Thai cat species that are famous until foreigners know and love them are the Wichianmas cat or Siamese. Siamese is considered an ancient Thai cat which is believed to help boost fortune for its owner. If anyone raises it, the owner will be great in work and finances. The cuteness of the Siamese cat is its 9 dark brown spots on its body, with sparkling blue eyes and light cream hair color. Importantly, no matter what species the Siamese cat is mixed with. The kittens obtained from breeding will come out with color points in the pattern of the Siamese cat. Siamese cats are considered smart, friendly, and very attached to people. It has the characteristic of being a predator who likes to eat meat. Therefore, he is particularly interested in the surrounding environment and is also diligent in speaking to his owner.

Korat cats

If it comes to prosperity, money flows constantly. Must be the Silver blue cat or Korat cat, the auspicious cat that Thailand sent to compete in the contest. One of the most popular Thai cats that Thais often give as gifts and are very popular with foreigners. It has short, dark silvery fur with silver glittering hair, bright blue eyes, and large round eyes that gradually turn bright yellow as they grow up and become green or amber when they mature. The body is of medium size and has a long slender tail. If you look at the front, the head of the cat is shaped like a heart. The Korat cat is called a smart cat and loves its owner very much. It is kind and goes along well with strangers, other animals, and other cats in the house. It doesn’t often run away when many guests are coming to the house.

British Shorthair

British Shorthair is a fairly quiet breed of cat that rarely cries. It can be raised in a condo. It is an old breed of cat from the British Isles. This species of kitty has a compact body, strong, round head and small ears, short necks, chubby cheeks, large round eyes, thick chest, strong legs, round paws, thick tails with rounded ends, and a relatively short doll-like nose. It has a calm disposition, dislikes loudness, has good manners, has no habit of destroying things, and does not require too much attention, but it is very paying attention to and interested in the owner. You don’t have to sit it up on your lap or hold it when you walk around because the kitty is always ready to follow the owner. It secretly has a lot of energy, so it enjoys working out.

Scottish fold

Scottish Fold cat is the most favorite cat when it comes to a girl’s favorite cat breed. The owl-like round-headed kitty is a cat with a folding ear from Scotland and is one of the most popular breeds in the world. It has a short neck, large round eyes, ears folded, a nose wide curved to the eyes, and a mouth curved to the chin, making it look like it was smiling all the time. He was a little lonely, wanting to be next to his owner all the time. He was sensitive and liked to express his emotions to the owner and barely made any noise. There is a unique characteristic of sitting in a cute belly rest position and lying on his back spread out on the ground, inviting us to play with them the most.


It is the cat breed that most people are familiar with. Persian cat, the Queen Cat of Persia, the Middle East. With its soft fur and cute face, the Persian cat has become a favorite breed among cat lovers. Persian cats are considered one of the most beautiful hairy cat species. The face is round, large, and has strong bones which is distinctly different from Thai cats with the appearance of a face features with a convex forehead, flat face, chubby cheeks, big round eyes and a distinctive feature on the slope nose can be observed from the side. Persian cats are easy to get along with people. They’re the most clingy and smart but secretly love peace, like a simple life, dislike loud voices, and don’t trust anyone easily.

What is your opinion about this content? If you like any of these breeds, prepare yourself for bringin it back home. The most important thing is to take good care of it when you take it home. Admin is also a cat lover who has a motto of “We can starve but our cat can’t” LOL.

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