5 tips to improve your memory!

Did you know that our memory will be the most effective in our twenties and will be degraded according to our ages? Thus, memory is something very important that we have to take care of. If you are a person with poor memory, feeling forgetful, and want to improve your memory, ACU Pay will tell you how to practice memory more effectively. Let’s see what are those ways to improve our memory.

1. Exercise

 Exercise not only strengthens the body but also helps the brain function. Non-exercise will cause plaque in blood vessels and veins, which will reduce the ability to pump blood. In addition to causing a heart attack, it also reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients that blood supplies to the brain. When nutrients are insufficient to feed the brain, it reduces brain function. Therefore, regular exercise is important. 

2. Get rid of what causes stres

Anger or anxiety is the main cause of stress, adversely affecting the part of the brain involved in recognition. Among all stress-stimulating causes, depression is the most damaging to the brain. When we experience depression, cortisol is secreted more If this substance is present in the brain area associated with a large number of brain parts involved with short-term memory, it may damage the ability to remember new things. Therefore, if you feel depressed or stressed, you should consult a doctor or specialist as soon as possible.

3. Take notes, tell stories of what you learn regularly

Keeping regular notes of experiences or reading books aloud can help you develop your ability to remember, including explaining or telling people stories. The study found that when students teach or explain various knowledge to other students, it will bring back memories of the existing subject, which makes them more understanding and remember better.

4. Photographic Memory

To remember things, many people have a way of remembering information by visual recognition. Paying attention to the pictures or graphs that are in the book, or imagining what we’re memorizing as pictures, and using a color pen and highlighting important parts will also help us remember them more easily.

5. Do activities that help develop the brain and memory

Doing activities that help us train our brains regularly, such as reading books or playing brain games, not only helps the brain stay active but also reduces the risk of memory problems or dementia. As well as listening to music, because songs and music are the keys to bringing back memories. Research has found that music is a good help in recalling memories. The information we learn while listening to music is often recalled when we hear or think of the song later on.

How’s that? For improving memory efficiency, each method is easy to do. It is a trick that is easy to practice and also enhances development. It is a fundamental part of everyday life that everyone can always learn and remember.

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