Tips to get rid of chewing gum as easy as pie!

Chewing gum stains are another problem that most of you have experienced, but the sticky stains of gum can be removed so easy like a piece of cake! Today, ACU PAY has gathered all of the ways to get rid of a chewing gum stain. Each of them can remove the gum stains easily and quickly. Importantly, it also helps to clean your favorite items well and efficiently.

Chewing gum stuck on clothes

1. Ice

Put an ice cube on the chewing gum stains for 20 seconds, or you can put an ice cube on both sides to make it faster. The cold from the ice will harden the gum. Then, use a spoon, a coin, or a plastic card to scrape the gum out, and wash the clothes by hand to remove the remaining part in the fabric. 

2. Freezing

If the stains are big and cover a large part of the clothes, put that clothes in the plastic bag and seal the bag tightly. (fold the clothes with a stain on the outermost part) Freeze the plastic bag in the freezer or ice bucket for 2 hours or till the gum gets hardened, then use a material with a flat and hard end (but not sharp) to scratch lightly.

3. Iron and cardboard

Put the side of clothes with the stains down on the cardboard then press it with iron, wetting the heat to medium heat (do not iron it back and forth because it will make the stains spread wider) The gum stain will slowly slip out of the cloth and stick to the cardboard instead. Repeat until all the stains are removed.

4. Steam

Heat the gum-stained cloth over steam. The heat will soften the gum. Then use a spoon or toothbrush to scrape off the stain. If it isn’t fast enough, you can use hot water by pouring hot water into the tub or small basin. Soak the stained cloth until the gum is soft and slowly scratch it out.

5. Nail polish remover or Rubbing Alcohol

Pour nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol on tissue paper, cotton, or sponge until moistened, and put pressure on the gum stain for a while. Then use an old toothbrush, footbrush, or file tip to scrub off. The gum stain will come off quickly.

6. Mayonnaise or Peanut butter

Put mayonnaise or peanut butter on the gum stain until it is all covered. Leave for about 10-15 minutes. The gum starts to soften and form into the same texture as mayonnaise. Then use a butter knife to scrape off the stain. After that, wash the cloth immediately.

Chewing gum stuck on hair

1. Vegetable oil

Apply oil to the hair that has gum stains on it, crush lightly, leave for a moment, and use your fingers or comb to remove the gum.

2. Vinegar

Pour vinegar over the stained hair, leave it until the gum softens and gently remove it with a finger or comb.

3. Vaseline jelly

Crush Vaseline jelly lightly with your hair for a moment, then brush off the gum, wash your hair clean, and nourish it with hair conditioning as regular so that it doesn’t get tangled in the gum’s sticky web.

Chewing gum stuck on car seat

  1. Put 3-4 ice cubes into the bag and seal the bag tightly to prevent melting ice from smearing on the seat.
  2. Put a bag of ice on chewing gum for at least 5 minutes or till the gum get hardened
  3. Use a fingertip, plastic card, or coin to scrape it out.

If the gum stain remains, drop the dishwashing liquid on the stain and scrub it out with the old toothbrush, followed by a small piece of clothes to remove the small stain of chewing gum completely.

This method is suitable for cleaning leather seats. If it is a vinyl seat or cloth seat, including a carpet and seat belt strap, it is recommended to use 1 tablespoon of vinegar, and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, mixed with 2 cups of warm water and you will get a DIY seat cleanser. Apply the cleanser to the stain, leave it for a while, and scrape off the stain in the same way.

Chewing gum stuck on shoes

1. Sneakers

Put the shoes in a plastic bag by trying to press the plastic bag close to the gum stain. Then cover the mouth of the bag tightly and leave it in a freezer for about an hour. When the shoes are removed from the bag, gum stains will stick to plastic bags instead. 

2. Common leather shoes

Use ice or peanut butter by following the recommended procedure. The gum stain will come off easily. Or if you have WD-40 multi-purpose oil, spray it on the stain, it will get hardened and easily be scraped out.

3. Suede Leather or Nubuck 

Use stain remover used for Suede Leather only. In addition, if the stains are not completely removed and scrape aids are needed, it is recommended to use an old toothbrush or a soft hair brush to clean leather shoes, especially brushing off stains lightly to protect the leather shoe.

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