10 Diseases of working age to be cautious

It is believed that many working-age people have experienced health problems, such as physical pain, frequent headaches, or even eye fatigue. This article will take you to know 10 Diseases of working age so that you can be careful and change your behavior so as not to cause these diseases.

1. Office Syndrome

A popular syndrome of working people is a syndrome of muscle and membrane pain, including pain or numbness from inflammation of tissue and tendons. It is caused by repeated use of the same muscles for a long time and rarely changes posture, including inappropriate posture such as sitting cross-legged regularly, slouching sitting or lowing your head for a long time, etc.

2. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

It is caused by many behaviors such as sleeping right away after eating, eating too much oily food, etc. There are often symptoms of bloating or constipation, similar to indigestion, nausea, vomiting after eating, and heartburn in the chest area. 

3.Bladder Inflammation Diseases

It’s common among office workers who don’t get up from their working desks, and who tend to hold back their urine for a long time, or those who have to travel long distances and don’t want to use public toilets, and drink a little water each day. There are often urination symptoms, incomplete emptying, blood in the urine, and Pain in the lower abdomen.

4. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

A syndrome of visual symptoms that result from prolonged use of computers, tablets, or cell phones. It can be caused by various factors such as inappropriate lighting in the room, reflected light from the computer screen, improper sitting posture, etc. There are often dry eyes, eye irritation, and blurred vision.


Most often do not show symptoms. There may be pain in the back of the head, stiffness in the neck, dizziness, fatigue, and heart trembling. Treatment of hypertension is considered extremely important and needs to be done continuously to prevent serious complications that may follow.

6. Migraine

Migraines can be caused by many causes such as drinking alcoholic drinks, weather changes, stress, and prolonged use of computers. There is often a one-sided headache and may have leading symptoms before the headache, such as seeing flashing lights, glittering lights, and blurry vision.

7. Heart disease

It is a disease that affects the function of the heart and can be divided into several groups of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, muscular atrophy, heart arrhythmia, valvular heart disease, congenital heart disease, and heart infection. The symptoms are usually getting tired easily, chest tight, and heart trembling a lot. Therefore, If you have any of these symptoms, you should see a doctor quickly.

8.Herniated Disk

More than 80% – 90% of patients with back pain experience lower back muscle pain or lower waist pain, and numbness at the tip of their feet, especially in the big toe and the second toe areas. It is mainly caused by lifting, exercising or sitting for a long time. If you press along the muscle line, you will feel pain because the muscles are tired.

9. Demyelinating Disease

Currently, medical or scientific research has not been able to provide information on what is the cause of the disease. However, there are assumptions from these risk factors: genetics, virus infection, EVB, vitamin D deficiency, smoking, and some diseases such as diabetes, enteritis, and thyroid. There is often eye pain, mood swings, difficulty food chewing, low balance, and excretion-related problems.

10. Dyspepsia

A common cause of indigestion is overeating or eating too fast, drinking too many caffeine-containing drinks, anxiety, a high-fat diet, eating too greasy or spicy food, and often having pain in the tongue and heartburn.

Taking care of yourself is very important. We should live balanced, work hard, not overexert ourselves, get enough rest, exercise, and eat five food groups. The thing that is should not miss is an annual health checkup. That’s all we can do to stay healthy.

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