Let’s explore 5 Chinese Giant Company Stocks with High Market Cap

In addition to domestic stock investment, foreign investment is currently popular as well because the foreign stock market will diversify risks and a possibility to gain higher return as well. Foreign stock that is reliable, large, and highly growing is “Chinese Stock.”

Today, ACU PAY will take you to explore Chinese giant company stocks with high Market value. Let’s start!



Market value: $337.12 Billion

Tencent or Tencent Holding LTD., is a giant IT company in China. This company operates various businesses related to technologies, applications, and leading games, mostly applications in the Entertainment category. It also operates the business providing services in online advertising, Fintech, Business Services, etc., providing service cover both in China and abroad

Tencent’s well-known applications are WeChat, RoV, PUBG, Clash of Clan, JOOX, Spotify, and Shopee, as well as websites like sanook.com, a website which Thai people are familiar with. This is an IT company with continuous growth in revenue and profit, and tends to meet future trends. 

On February 1, 2024, the Chinese authorities approved an additional 32 games service in the country, causing Tencent’s stock to surge dramatically. 


Market value:$ 189.35 Billion

Speaking of China’s number one e-commerce company, nobody do not know Alibaba, the largest e-commerce market in the world. Alibaba consists of a main business group which is a trading platform both domestic and international, including payment receiving system, advertising, and Cloud which meet the lifestyle of people in the present time. 

Alibaba’s E-commerce platforms that we are familiar with are Taobao which runs a C2C retail business, Tmall which runs a B2C retail business, Aliexpress which is a retail platform, 1688.com which is a wholesale platform, Alimama is the largest marketing platform in China, and e-commerce application like Lazada. Moreover, there is Youku which is an online video platform, and Alibaba Cloud which is Alibaba’ Computer Cloud that provides services in Data Center and Big Data Analysis. 

In its latest quarter ended in December 2023, Alibaba’s international e-commerce business units, consisting of platforms such as AliExpress, Lazada, Daraz, and Trendol, generated revenue of RMB28 billion (approximately THB 140 billion), increasing around 44% from a year earlier.


Market value: $72.87 Billion

Many people who travel or go to study in China may be familiar with Meituan, a must-have app. Meituan company is an e-commerce application that connects consumers with traders completely in one app. 

This app is not for food ordering only but also covers every service within one app such as food delivery, online shopping, accommodation booking, Parcel delivery, ticket booking, and medical service, including financial services such as online payment, retail loans, and taxi calling service and public bicycles. 

Meituan Dianping, a combination of two companies, Meituan Company which is popular for discount coupons, and Dianping which is popular for restaurant and store reviews, has become Meituan Dianping, which has become China’s largest O2O company (Online-to-Offline).

Mei Tuan has not only upgraded transportation by developing technology and drones in delivery, but in the first quarter of 2023, the company invested RMB 5,000 million, or approximately THB 25 billion in transportation technology research and development.


Market value: $36.3 Billion

JD.com, Inc., also known as Jingdong Group, is a Chinese leading e-commerce company. There are a lot of goods such as electronic devices, clothes, household items, and more. Moreover, this company also expanded its business to logistic service and shipping which make the delivery more faster and reliable, and strong in both B2C and C2C retail market. 

There are 5 affiliates which are JD.com, JD Logistics, JD Health, Dada Nexus and DEPPON LOGISTICS Co Ltd with 2 more business units that are going to register in the Hong Kong Stock Market which are INGDONG Property, Inc. and JINGDONG Industrials, Inc. 

According to a financial report in 2022, the total revenue of the company was 1.0462 trillion yuan, the growth rate was at 9.9 %, and GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) or online sales of 3.482 trillion yuan, increasing 5.6 % from the previous year. Compared with the previous four years, Jingdong recorded revenue growth of more than 25 %.

Ping An Insurance

Market value: $97.74 Billion 

Ping An Insurance, a Chinese giant insurance company that provides integrated financial services currently has 225 million individual customers and 668 million Internet subscribers.

Pingan has been recognized for its technology application to improve efficiency in existing businesses and find new businesses such as healthcare, and automotive services till it has transformed from a financial company into a technology company that provides more services than finance and insurance.

In 2022, Pingan was ranked the world’s most-valued insurance company for the sixth consecutive year by Brand Finance, with an estimated brand value of over USD 54.6 billion, or over THB1.91 trillion.

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