5 warning signs that you’re overspending

Are you experiencing financial problems such as reckless spending, having no savings, or knowing that it’s bad but still not self-control? If so…You don’t face this problem alone, because many people also have trouble controlling the use of their money and use it up on unnecessary expenses. ACU PAY will list a warning sign that you are overspending your money to remind you to be more careful about your expenses.

1. Make an impulsive purchase

It is true that sometimes spending money as a reward for yourself in exchange for hard work can make you happy. Nevertheless, this kind of wasteful spending should not be done often or habitually, such as going to parties with friends or buying everything you like even if it’s not necessary. These things you may do sometimes to be happy, but should not be made a habit or spent according to others.


To control reckless shopping, try and figure out what’s the incentive to buy and find a way to manage costs again. Another way that can help is by setting limits and asking yourself, “How important is this item for you?” before you make a purchase.

2. Forget one's own financial goals

Have you ever set a good financial goal but as time goes by, your goals are fading? To keep your goals for the future of yourself and your loved ones, you should focus on your goals like retirement savings, emergency funds, savings for debt, etc.

3. Start to use one's credit card at a small expense

It’s worthwhile to use a credit card if you’re aware of the privileges you will get. However, if you are using credit cards all the time, this means you are overspending. You don’t have enough cash even if you buy a small amount of money but you need to use credit cards to pay in advance. When you keep using credit cards, your credit card debt will come unknowingly.

4.Postpone the day of repayment continuously

When we are in debt but have no money to repay, we must postpone the repayment date. It turns out that some of our debts become long-term debts, and also increase more in interest and fees. Therefore, we should stop incurring additional debts and repay them on time, especially credit card debt.

5. No financial plans

The starting point of debt is not making a plan for income and expenditure. Initially, you should start making income-expenditure records. The goal of saving such as emergency reserve savings can be continuously saved for at least 3-6 times the total cost, retirement money, medical expenses, or investments. The best thing to do is to save before using it, so we will not carelessly spend all of the money. The remaining money can be spent as appropriate, but always think carefully whether that is necessary or not.

That’s all, if we’re aware of the signs that we’re overspending, then we can pull ourselves together and start planning our finances to not be out of the way. Let’s go back to controlling the money, not letting the money control you.

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