7 Eating tips to cure flatulence, say goodbye to Abdominal Discomfort!

I’m fat because I can’t stop eating! Eating too much does not only make you fat, but also makes you feel discomfort in your stomach or flatulence. Flatulence, indigestion and heartburn are annoying symptoms which are not fatal but they can irritate your daily life if you have these symptoms often. Thus, ACU PAY will share some tips to say goodbye to those abdominal discomfort symptoms.

1. Change eating habits

One of the simple and effective ways is to change bad eating habits. For example, avoid overeating, and abstain from foods and drinks that contain a lot of gas, such as soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, pickled ferments, and some vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and onions. Those foods and drinks cause too much gas in your stomach if you eat too much. Thus, you should avoid eating them if you do not want to be flatulence.

2.Chew food more thoroughly

While we eat, it is recommended to chew slowly, chew longer and chew more thoroughly. Because sometimes we get into the habit of eating fast while talking until the air is swallowed up and causes gas in the stomach. If a large portion of the food is eaten, poor digestion produces a lot of gas inside the stomach, making us flatulence and uncomfortable.

3. Eat fruits that help soothe flatulence.

Some vegetables and fruits can relieve flatulence and this is a natural way that benefits the body. For example, pineapples have digestive juices that help digest protein and cleanse intestinal fat, ripe papaya that have digestive juices and protein that relieve flatulence, as well as bananas that help reduce edema and flatulence.

4. Some drinks can help

Anyone who is flatulence or has abdominal discomfort symptoms is recommended to refrain from drinking coffee and tea and drink ginger ale, lemonade or camomile tea instead. These drinks have the properties of laxatives, which help in carminative, stimulate the digestive system, and relieve flatulence quickly.

5. Do not sit or lie down after eating

When you finish eating, you should not sit down or lie down immediately. You should get up and walk slowly to move your intestines to make it easier for the body to expel waste gas, which may cause burps or farts. These methods can help prevent indigestion, which is the source of stomach problems, and also prevent acid reflux.

6. Use herb to cure flatulence

Many people may not know that many of the vegetables that Thai people eat have digestive properties, such as galangal and ginger or oil extracted from peppermint and spearmint. This helps reduce inflammation in the stomach, abdominal cramps, and flatulence from various causes. It also contains menthol to relieve stress, which causes indigestion.

7. Take some medicine

To relieve the initial symptoms, it is recommended to try effervescent tablets. The way to eat is to add about 150-180 ml of water followed by effervescent tablets and drink after foaming. To help relieve acid, reduce inflation, and relieve stomach cramps, take other anti-abdominal discomfort medications such as air repellent, Mixture Stomachica, Salol et Menthol Mixture, Antacids, etc.

You have to take care of yourself and observe yourself. Sometimes a bloated belly may not be due to fatness, but it may be flatulence. Try adjusting your eating habits just so that you won’t get stuffy in the stomach far from flatulence.

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