8 Travel YouTube Channels for Adventurers to enjoy

How’s it going? I’m pretty sure that you want to visit each of these channels just by reading this review. Each person has a unique travel style. You can choose as you prefer. Who has any other favorite travel channel in particular? You can comment to tell us.

I Roam Alone

Who likes traveling? Single women backpacks to places where people don’t usually go, with Ms. Mint, the owner of a channel that will take us to various angles of the world.

This channel takes you all over the world such as to experience life in the Amazon forest, go to the coldest country on Earth which is – 40 degrees, and visit Indonesia to take a look at the ritual to take a photo with the soulless body and climb the extremely difficult to climb mountains.

Coordinate: https://www.youtube.com/@mint.iroamalone 

Go Went Go

Anyone who loves to watch journey videos can subscribe to this channel with Go Went Go which is led by Mr. Bass, an actor and musician who has turned himself in to open a travel page to fulfill his childhood dream. 

Open up the travel experience both at home and abroad, which we should follow his journey, especially at unseen places in Thailand. It is so unseen that local people do not know about the places either. The production in the video is very impressive, including pictures, video, and drone angles. In addition, the video also inserts knowledge with motion pictures, fun and easy to understand. It is another travel channel that you can’t miss.

Coordinate: https://www.youtube.com/@GoWentGo

BACKPAEGER แบกเป้เกอร์

Let’s move to backpackers with a limited budget with this channel. The channel owner, Mr. Sunny, will take you to neighboring countries such as Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the African continent. Experience the local lifestyle, real experiences, both unexpected and unforeseen, as if we are walking next to the owner of the channel and seeing new perspectives that we have never seen before.

Coordinate: https://www.youtube.com/@backpaeger 


A teenager who wants to fulfill his dreams. This is another unique backpack channel because the owner, Mr. Yazine, a Pattani person, can speak up to five languages, including Thai, Malay, Arabic, English, and Chinese. 

Speaking in multiple languages, Khun Yacine has been able to travel to a variety of countries including Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. We also experience the naturalness, the reality of each destination, especially in the street food section which absolutely looks so delightful.

Coordinate: https://www.youtube.com/@YESIGO


From the channel of a newly graduated girl who wants to find herself that turns into a journey out of the Comfort Zone after graduation by backpacking around with the owner of the channel like Ms. Ploy, youngest sister of famous singer and actor ‘Pim’ Pimprapa Tangprabhaporn. 

It’s a very natural channel that she once filmed herself when she cried because she was homesick. The best video was to conquer the Himalayas during heavy snow. Traveling looks hard, but the path is more dangerous.Coordinate: https://www.youtube.com/@pigkaploy


From a production worker who doesn’t like to travel to making a travel YouTube channel by broadcasting unique stories. With a nice footage atmosphere and voice-over by the owner, Mr. Benz. He continues his concept of opening up a new experience without any plan, some may be difficult but he can overcome it because he meets someone kind and helpful along the way.

Most of the trips are in Thailand and abroad. Each clip is narrated in a simple voice, a lonely theme song, and no fun sound like other channels, but Mr. Benz can tell you stories that feel lonely, warm, relaxed, and heartwarming at the same time. If you like this kind of storytelling, you have to subscribe to this channel.

Coordinate: https://www.youtube.com/@thegaijintrips5872/videos

Ball-Yod ไหนพาปัง

Another channel that has been separated from the famous ‘Nung Pa Pai’ ( หนังพาไป) documentary on Thai PBS for more than 10 years has been led by two hosts, Mr. Ball and Mr. Yod, former film students who want to do what they love. It is a program that produces more than just travel content and wins audiences’ hearts for five seasons.

From TV channels to online YouTube channels like ‘Nai Pa Pang’, which remains its original identity, but will tell the perspective of people in that country with more freedom of speech and ask questions to think about society again.

Coordinate: https://www.youtube.com/@moviepapai/videos 


From a behind-the-scenes producer to a travel YouTube channel that was both his favorite and right work, he became an asapapailong by Mr. Wan Chai, the concept of the clip is after the name of the Channel because he will lead us to get lost in ways that people don’t usually go to, making it more fun.

The charm of this channel, in addition to the beautiful pictures, is to run the program by dubbing clips that are both fun, amusing, and hilarious. There is also a song for the trip written by himself. 

Coordinate: https://www.youtube.com/@asapapailong 

How’s it going? I’m pretty sure that you want to visit each of these channels just by reading this review. Each person has a unique travel style. You can choose as you prefer. Who has any other favorite travel channel in particular? You can comment to tell us.

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