Choose a lipstick color that suits your lips. Get to know MLBB.

Are there any girls looking for make-up looks that look natural as if you did not apply any lipstick on your lips, but still, your lips are naturally good and healthy? You are at the right place because this time ACU PAY will tell you tips to choose lipstick colors which look natural and suitable for your lips with MLBB, the technique of choosing the lipstick shade.

What is MLBB?

MLBB lipstick comes from the full phrase “My Lips But Better” or lipstick with a shade similar to our natural lips color, but it’s more beautiful than usual, or simply understood as “natural colors of lips”

The trend of MLBB lipsticks is not to apply nude shade, soft pink, bright red, or orange-brick lipstick according to fashion trends, but to choose lipstick that suits all everyday-look makeup styles. Add more color to the overall of our face. Just like the phrase “Makeup no makeup”

As for choosing an MLBB color lipstick to suit each person’s skin tone, there are different shades. MLBB lipstick is often individual colors. If people with different skin tones apply the same lipstick shade, they will get a different color, which may not be suitable for people of that color skin tone. The main way to choose is as follows:

1.Choose according to your undertone

  • Cool undertone: Cool skin tone or a person with pinkish/reddish skin

To observe is to look at the blood vessels around the wrist which are quite blue or light purple. Girls with this skin tone can apply a variety of shades, including pink, red, orange, and blue-purple lipstick like  ‘cherry’ or ‘Burberry’ color that especially matches the skin tone.

The caution in choosing a lip color depends on the color intensity. If you choose a tone that is too soft or too nude, it may make your face pale, or if you choose a tone that is too dark, it will make your mouth color stand out more than anything else.

  • Warm undertone: Warm skin tone or a person with yellowish skin.

The color of the blood vessels around the wrist are quite green. Girls with this skin are perfect for warm lip tones such as brick-colored, orangish red, orangish pink, or nude-shade lipsticks. The simple technique of choosing a nude color is that if white skin, choose a lighter shade than your skin color. If tan or two colors of skin, choose a darker tone as it helps to make the skin more beautiful.

  • Neutral Undertone: Natural skin tone, neutral skin color.

If the color of the blood vessels around the wrist are green, blue and purple, it means that you have a neutral undertone which is a small number of people having this kind of undertone. You are so lucky because most of the lipstick shades match your skin tone, starting from the nude shade to purple wine color.  If you have white skin it’s recommended to wear pink lipstick, for neutral skin wear mauve, and dark skin wear purple berries.

2.Choose according to your fingertip color

A popular way among foreign beauty bloggers to choose lipstick. This means squeezing the tip of your index finger to keep blood at your fingertips as much as possible. Don’t squeeze too hard, otherwise, it will be one to two shades too dark, and then compare it with lipstick to find the perfect match for your fingertip color.

3.Choose according to your cheek color

Another way to choose lipstick color is to notice the color of your cheeks after strenuous exercise or when the weather is hot. If the cheeks come out in any color tone, MLBB’s color tone will definitely suit that girl.

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