Coordinates for LASIK to get a brighter vision than ever!

It is so boring, having a short sight is so boring because it is quite hard for us to wear contact lenses all the time but you can see nothing in the rain if you wear glasses. It seems so difficult for short-sighted people to do anything. Anyone who has the same problem and is extremely annoyed, please come this way. Today, ACU PAY has compiled a collection of LASIK locations to restore our vision without wearing thick glasses with an update of LASIK price in 2023.

LASIK is an eye surgery to correct and adjust abnormal vision whether it is short-sighted, long-sighted, or inclined. LASIK is a laser shot into the cornea to adjust for clearer vision. Eye problems are often annoying so let’s see if there’s any place where we can get our eyesight back to normal. Let’s go.

Yanhee Hospital.

Restore eyesight to see the world clearly with LASIKA at Yanhee Hospital, there are more than five regular doctors and the price is very friendly to everyone. No need to be afraid of getting hurt because those doctors are light-handed and also talkative.

Location: Charansanitwong Road, Bang Or Subdistrict, Bang Phlat District, Bangkok

Price: One-eyed LASIK is priced at 25,500 baht, Two-eyed LASIK is priced at 38,500 baht

Bumrungrad Hospital

Another step forward with the treatment of eye abnormalities with ReLEx SMILE, an operation with small lesions which is smooth with your cornea. And with technologies like eye measurement machines which are very good, very modern, and extremely safe.

Location: 33 Sukhumvit Soi 3, Watthana District, Bangkok

Price: Restore eyesight with ReLEX SMILE technique at approximately 190,000 baht.

TRSC International LASIK Center

It is Thailand’s first LASIK and ReLEx hospital facility. It has advanced technology that is safe and accurate to do LASIK. Also, there are five follow-ups after-treatment for comfort between physicians and patients.

Location: 968 U CHU LIANG BUILDING, 6th Floor, Rama IV Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok

Price: The price for the treatment of vision starts around 55,000-170,000 baht.

Ladprao General Hospital

LASIK brings back clear eyes, no matter where you look, everything is clear by an expert ophthalmologist who can improve your quality of life by treating short, long, and slanted eyesight with PRK techniques at affordable and friendly prices.

Location: Lasik Center Ladprao Hospital, Ladprao Sahaklin Medical Center Building 2, 4th Floor, 2699 Latprao Road, Khlong Chao Khun Sing Subdistrict, Wang Thong Lang District, Bangkok.

Price: Starting from 22,000 baht to 38,000 baht.

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