Do not be fooled! Criminals deceive you to take online orders.

Now, many criminals have claimed to be companies and said that there is a commission-paid job through taking online orders or doing various missions. Today, ACU PAY will talk about the tricks that criminals use and how to prevent losing money to them.

The deceitful ways of a swindler

Firstly, the criminals will post messages through various online platforms. When the victim is interested, they will talk via line or telegram, or sometimes they will call you. A criminal will secretly claim that he or she is an employee of a real existing company with documents (fake) to build credibility. 

Then he/she will explain the work in detail that it is a job to take orders of goods to increase the amount to online stores by allowing the victim to register and create an account on a link sent by a criminal so that there will be money transferred back into the account by the company(fake) later. After the victims made more and more transfers through the criminal’s Mule account, the victims began to realize that they were deceived. The criminal will start using threatening words, block communication channels, and eventually gather the money he had and flee.

These criminals have a psychology to talk to the victim, knowing that the victim is often in need of income, making it easy to persuade. They often talk persuasively until the victim trusts and transfers money without noticing. In addition, there is pressure on the victim through various threats so that the victim must comply well.

How to prevent being fooled by criminals

1. Do not disclose one’s personal information

Beware of disclosure of personal information, and financial information, especially copies of ID cards on the front and back. Do not send without a signature because criminals can use them to open PromptPay accounts.

2. Be careful about online work invitation

When you find an invitation to work online via SMS or online announcements such as Telegram, Line, Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram. Don’t ever apply for a job because most of the time they use agency or corporate symbols to increase credibility.

3. Contact the company to check the credibility

If there is a claim to be a company employee, don’t rush to believe it. Call the agency or the company directly or ask the 1441 Cyber Police hotline.

4. Easy jobs with high income do not exist

Avoid attractive or high-yield, easy-to-do, simple procedures such as online missions that require money transfers before withdrawing.

5. If it is a real job application, you need not to transfer money

If it is found that the nature of the work requires deposit or investment to be placed or reserved before working, immediately think that you are being deceived by a scammer. You should never transfer money.

6. The name of the account is an individuals’ name not companies’ name

Do not transfer through an account that is the name of an individual other than the company’s name. The account number should be taken to check the “fraudulent account” on various websites before transferring money.

Steps to report to police in case of being deceived and lose money

When you realizes that the fraudsters tricked you into transferring money, hurries to collect evidence to report or complain as follows:

  1. Keep all the evidence of talking to the criminals and wire transfer evidence.
  2. Notify the Police Station in the area where you have transferred the money. For example, if you transfer money at home, report it to the nearest station.
  3. Select “Notification to freeze the account,” not to be recorded in a daily report. To be quick, report to the Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) https://thaipoliceonline.com/
  4. Contact the bank that carried out the transfer.

Contact the bank to freeze your account. The required documents include a notice, order of account freezing, source account book, copy of ID card, and collected evidence.

Whether or not to get money back depends on the operation of the authorities. However, once the information and method are known, it should be checked carefully. Consult with those close to you before transferring any money to avoid being victimized again.

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