Driving through the flood and lost a license plate,
what should we do?

Driving through the flood and lost a license plate, what should we do?​

When it’s rainy season, what’s hard to avoid is the amount of water that is higher than normal and may be followed by floods, making it inevitably to drive through the water that may cause the license plate to be lost. Today, ACU will advise on what to do if the license plate is lost.


license plate is lost, can we just ask for a new one?

When a license plate is lost, we can easily request a new one without having to report it. If you continue to drive without a license plate, it is a violation of Section 11 of the 1979 Motor Vehicle Act, which states that a vehicle already registered shall contain and accurately display a registration plate and sign as prescribed in The Ministerial Regulation. Violators will be liable to a fine of not more than 2,000 baht.

Therefore, if you know that the license plate has been lost, you must immediately apply for a new one. without having to report to the police station by requesting a replacement license plate at the transport office. If it is a Bangkok license plate, go to the Department of Land Transport, Area 1-5. As for the license plate in other provinces, you can apply for a new license plate at the transport office that responsible for.

required documents to apply for a new license plate.

  • The original car registration book.
  • A National ID Card.
  • power of attorney for a designated person to make decisions about another person’s vehicle. along with ID card of the attorney.

In the case of a car finance, what should we do?

For Car finance that is in the process of paying installments. Contact the financing company to do it for you, or if you want to proceed by yourself, place a deposit to borrow the original registration manual to operate it yourself, along with documents such as your ID card, a certificate from a financing company, and a power of attorney from the financing company with a copy of the identification card of the attorney.

In the case of being a juristic person, what should we do?

In the case of a juristic person, there are additional required documents such as a juristic person registration certificate. And to the original car registration manual book, a copy of the ID card of the authorized person, and a power of attorney with a copy of the ID card of the attorney.

Fee-Processing Time

The cost of obtaining a new license plate is 105 baht, divided into a license plate fee of 100 baht and a license plate request fee of 5 baht, but for the auctioned plate, the license plate fee is 600 baht and the license plate request fee is 5 baht.

However, after all the steps have been completed, the new license plate will be received within 15 working days, during which the new license plate has not yet been received. The receipt can be used temporarily instead of the license plate. In the event that the license plate is damaged, a new license plate can be requested as well. But on the day of receiving a new plate, the damaged plate must be returned.

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