Drop a Pin! 5 Cat Cafe in Bangkok that cat lovers should not miss

Meow Anyone who is a cat lover raise your hand! Cafes are still in a hot trend that people pay attention to. Many of you may have visited many cafes, but going to a cafe just for food and drink might sound boring. Shall we change the destination from a normal cafe to a cat cafe? Relax yourself and relieve your stress by playing with cats. Today, ACU would like to recommend 5 cat cafes that cat lovers would love to go to. Let’s go!

Let’s start with a lovely cat cafe “”Caturday Cat Cafe” with the idea to decorate its cafe with cartoon characters. It is located in the center of the city in the CocoWalk project. Convenient travel by getting on BTS and getting off at Ratchathewi Station, exit 2 then walking in an alley for a little. The interior decoration is in an amusement park theme in a white tone. There are a lot of cat breeds, and more than 30 cats! Customers are not allowed to feed cats. Except for Cat Creamy Treats which can be bought at the counter. The most important thing is not to wake up the cats because it is considered as an interruption for the cat and can cause the cat to be irritated. 

Let’s move on to the cafe for people who live in the suburb with Year of The Cat Cafe. This cafe is located in Soi Charansanitwong 19, then you walk in the alley from the entrance to the side street for about 50 meters. The decoration of the cafe is in a minimal style with a white tone and a lot of seats for you to choose. The entrance fee is 100 baht per person and you will get a beverage each with the limited time to play with the cat for 1.30 hours to allow people who visit this cafe to get a chance to play with the cat thoroughly. You can touch and hold the cat in the time given, except for those who are under 12 years old for the safety of both cats and customers. 

Let’s continue with a cat cafe in Sukhumvit, Thonglor area that is so easy to go to with Chico Design Bangkok.  This cafe is located in Soi Sukhumvit 53. It is a Japanese-style cat cafe. The decoration will give you warmth with a Japanese vibe because the owner is a japanese. Most of the cats in the cafe are Thai breeds. Each of them is friendly, adorable and clingy. Apart from being a cat cafe, this cafe also sells homemade household and lovely homemade house decorations. You can come play with cats and get lovely decorations at the same place. 

A homey-style cafe located in the center of the city which is not so far from BTS Chong Nonsi. It gives off a warm vibe like you are at your home because this cafe is built from a 2-storey vintage house to modify as a small cafe surrounded by trees. The ground floor is opened as a cat cafe with a lot of Thai breed cats and other breeds. All of them are so adorable and huggable. You can play with all of them. Also, this cafe makes homemade-style dessert. Anyone who is looking for a peaceful cafe with delicious beverages and also can play with cats should not miss this cafe.

The last recommended cat cafe is Catsanova – Adoptable Cat Cafe which is located at SathuPradit 20 on the road across from Sathu Pradit 13. This cafe does not only serve the loveliness of the cats but also help them to find their forever home as well. All of the cats are stray cats so the owner of the cafe takes them home and treats them, sterilizes them and tries to find a new home for them. Apart from enjoying the cuteness of the cats, you can also help them too. If you are interested in one of those cats, you can talk to the cafe about adopting.

Hope you will enjoy 5 cat cafes. You should wash your hands before and after playing with cats. Most importantly, do not play with them too hard.

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