Easy ways to get rid of cockroaches. No more annoying cockroach problems!

This content is for people who live in a dormitory, apartment or condominium and have to face a problem about bugs or cockroaches, no matter how clean your house is but cockroaches seem not to be completely gone. This is a problem for many people, including Admin as well. Today, we will learn about the ways to get rid of cockroaches. No more annoying cockroach problems! Let’s start.

Common seen cockroach

Many people may know only one type of cockroach, which is a bug with two long tentacles and wings that are ready to fly all the time, which is very scary. Did you know that there is not only one type of cockroach? There are more than 4,000 cockroaches found in Thailand, but today we’re going to look at only three. Let’s take a look at them.

  • The American cockroach will be a large, reddish-brown cockroach with long wings for both males and females. It is an animal that likes to seek out at night and sleep during the day. It often likes to hide in a dark place under the table, storage shelf, corner, sink, etc.
  • Australian cockroaches are very common in condos and dormitories. They are small in size. These cockroaches live between 170 and 304 days.
  • Brown-striped cockroaches will look similar to Australian cockroaches. They are light brown. The characteristic is that brown strips across two wings. This cockroach likes to be in a box or a dark corner.

Ways to get rid of cockroaches

  1. Use chemicals to get rid of cockroaches: It is the first method that many people choose. Pesticides are another way to eliminate cockroaches, but they are not very effective with large insects because it may take 1-2 minutes to die.
  2. Mothballs: The Mothball is a good tool that expels the little, big cockroaches out of our room, just put them in a corner where they liked to be, and the cockroaches would be all gone, Mothball would send a pungent smell to cockroaches to get so dizzy just like they are about to pass out so that they had to leave the house.
  3. Baking soda: Baking soda can also chase cockroaches. Just add sugar and mix water in the prepared container. After that, wait for cockroaches to eat, which Baking soda causes gas in the stomach. When cockroaches eat it, they will become bloated until they die.
  4. Cockroach Gel Bait: The cockroach gel is made in a small tube form. Squeezed down to the point where cockroaches are often found. This trap gel can be bought in the general market. This gel will lure cockroaches out to eat, but when eaten, the Indoxacarb which will affect the cockroaches’ nervous system will cause them to eventually die.
  5. Clean up the house: Cockroaches’ favorite place to live is the messy room but sometimes we still find cockroaches even though we clean the house. We should dispose of our food garbage whenever there is any food residue left or after the room has been cleaned, the garbage should be rushed outside to prevent cockroaches from having food for feeding themselves.

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