Facts about Mickey Mouse that you may not know

Every November 18th of every year is the birthday of Mickey Mouse, a character from Walt Disney. It has been over 95 years since Mickey Mouse created fun for children for many generations since appearing in the first short film “Steamboat Willie” (Steamboat Willie), a black and white cartoon in 1928.

The first line of Mickey Mouse was “Hot Dogs, please!” from the Child Carnival in 1929. Six years later, Mickey made his first colorful appearance in the short film named The Band Concert. This time, ACU Pay will introduce you to 10 facts you may not know about Mickey Mouse. Let’s see!

Fact #1 :The inspiration for making Mickey Mouse from a mouse raised by Walt Disney

Walt owned a guinea pig during his childhood, and this idea came up when he was riding a train from Manhattan to Hollywood.

Fact #2 : Mickey Mouse was not the first name

Originally, Mickey Mouse was first named “Mortimer” but eventually changed its name to Mickey Mouse at the suggestion of his wife Lillian for the reason that it sounds cute and more accessible.

Fact #3 : Mickey Mouse only have 4 fingers

The reason Mickey Mouse has only four fingers is because Disney argues that it’s an art thing and also involves financial decisions, he explained that;

“Five fingers seem to be too much for a mouse, and they look like a banana comb. For the money, if you subtract one finger from the 4.5 ten thousand Mickey Mouse paintings, you can save six and a half minutes, saving money used in the studio for about a million dollars.”

Fact #4 : The first Cartoon Character that has a Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the sidewalk included a list of industry stars and was the most popular in the world in 1978 during the 50th anniversary of Mickey Mouse.

Fact #5 : Walt Disney used to dub for Mickey Mouse.

Walt Disney used to officially dub Mickey Mouse himself until 1946, when there were four other voice actors such as Jim Macdonald, Wayne Allwine, Brett Iwan, and Chris Diamantopoulos.

Fact #6 : Mickey Mouse's appearance in the cartoon

Mickey Mouse has appeared in 121 short cartoons shown in theaters.

Fact #7 :Joined in the Oscars

Mickey Mouse participated in the Academy Awards twice. For the first time in 1988, Mickey Mouse gave an envelope to Tom Selleck, a famous actor and film director, and the second time in 2003, he went to the award ceremony with Jennifer Garner.

Fact #8 : Names in others languages

Mickey Mouse has different names in each language, such as Topolino, which means tiny mouse in Italian, Micky Maus in German, Mikki Hiiri in Finnish, Michael Musculus in Latin, and Musse Pigg in Swedish.

Fact #9 : The first giant balloon

The giant balloon Mickey Mouse made its debut at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City in 1934. After that, Mickey Mouse and friends became popular characters in the parade until now.

Fact #10 : Mickey Mouse's copyright is due to expire in 2024

In 2024, Mickey Mouse will become public property because the US copyright law protects the copyright only 95 years from the date of creation. The expired Mickey Mouse copyright was the earliest version released in 1928.

Still, Disney will continue to own other versions of Mickey Mouse copyrights in both movies and other creative works until they turn 95 years old.


Although the copyright has an expiration date, the trademark does not expire as long as it continues to be used as a trademark, whether it is words, phrases, characters, or whatever, Disney still owns that trademark.

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