Financial/Investment Courses from SET

If you do not waste your free time for nothing on holidays, let’s improve your skill. Just being at home and easily getting the knowledge about finance and investment with free online study courses from SET. Each course is packed with knowledge. You can study from anywhere and also get the certification. Let’s improve your novice investor skills!

EQD1001 : Stock Investment for novice investors

This course will discuss the fundamentals of stock investment, return, risk, and investment tax and understand the analytical principles for initial stock selection, trading methods, and investor rights to be prepared before making a proper investment decision.


Duration: 2 hours 34 minutes


MFD1001 : Mutual fund investment for novice investors

This course will teach you the fundamental characteristics of mutual funds, advantages, limitations, returns, risks, precautions from existing mutual funds, tax privileges and channel techniques, trading procedures, and choosing the right mutual fund that suits you to make investment decisions until you can follow up on your investment and find out more information by yourself.


Duration: 2 hours 14 minutes


WMD1001 : Plan for Assets

This course will teach you techniques and planning methods for systematic financial management and can manage your finances according to your goals so that you can build wealth to lead you to your financial independence.


Duration: 2 hours 31 minutes


WMD1201 : Retirement plan in salaryman style

This course will teach how to increase savings, understand and realize the importance of financial planning for retirement, and learn sources of saving for long-term wealth for retirement such as provident funds and long-term wealth management for retirement goals in salaryman style.


Duration:2 hours 44 minutes


MFD1404 : SSF and RMF investment knowledge

In the course, you will learn the principles and conditions of investment in Super Saving Funds (SSF) and 

Retirement Mutual Fund (RMF), as well as investment conditions, transfer/switching of investment units, investment plan, fund selection, and tax-saving trading methods, including a few tips to easily find the funds by yourself.


Duration: 1 hours 46 minutes


FDD1301 : Complete story on investment portfolio management

This course provides techniques and procedures for managing investment portfolios to suit your own style, including the principles of creating and managing investment portfolios, understanding how to measure performance, and how to adjust investment portfolios so that they can generate returns that enable future goals to be achieved.


Duration: 2 hours 52 minutes


WMD1401 : Regular investments plan with stocks and funds.

This course will teach Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) techniques for investment in stocks and mutual funds, including selecting good stocks and outstanding funds to start investing immediately and create long-term financial independence.


Duration: 3 hours 1 minutes


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