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Those who are Japanese food lovers, have you ever wondered what is the difference between the fish menu that you eat? Today, ACU PAY will introduce you to popular Sashimi dishes on the Japanese menu. Let’s see what distinctive features each fish has and what they taste like.


1. Salmon (サーモン / Saamon)

There is not anybody who has never heard about salmon for sure. Salmon is a light orange fish with a soft texture and lots of fat. It is also one of the most famous menus in Sushi restaurants. However, “Salmon” and “Salmon Trout” are not alike. They are in the same fish family (Salmonidae), so they can be used interchangeably.

In terms of taste, the salmon will be more juicy because there is a lot of fat while the salmon trout will taste cleaner with lower fat and a darker color. Salmon can be cooked into various dishes, including Sashimi, smoke-dried, grilled, fried, or steamed, depending on the type and the freshness of the fish.

2. Maguro (マグロ / Makuro)

One of the most popular sushi menus that favored by many Japanese people. At the beginning of the new year, the first tuna auction of the year is always a hot topic and news. Most tuna or Maguro is red meat fish (赤身 / akami), which is often eaten in sushi and sashimi. It is low in fat, has a light taste, is low in calories, and is high in protein. In sushi, sometimes it is used for Nigiri and Tekka Maki. 

The most delicious part is “toro” (トロ / toro), pink belly meat with a special characteristic of sweet fat, graded according to the amount of fat in each part.

3. Madai (タイ / Tai)

Madai (Tai) is considered a luxurious fish in Japan. It is a king of fish with a name that is a Homophones to the word “auspicious” or “Pleasant” in Japanese. Moreover, one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Japan (Shichi Fukujin), Ebisu, holds Tai fish in his hand, making the image of this fish a calling for happiness. Therefore, another meaning of Tai is lucky.

Apart from good meaning, Madai is delicious with a slight taste of sweetness. It can be eaten throughout the year, but it will taste better in winter till autumn. Madai is mostly cooked in Sashimi, Sushi, Nigiri, Fish soup, and so on. It is a white-meated fish that many people impress.

4. Hamachi (ブリ / Buri & ハマチ / Hamachi)

Hamachi is a yellowtail fish in the same family as Seriola, a mackerel family. Hamachi has a transparent pinkish-white body and lots of fat. It can be eaten throughout the year but it will have the most fat in winter. Most people like to eat it as Sashimi and Nigiri.

5. Katsuo (カツオ / Katsuo)

Katsuo or Bonita is a fish in the same family as tuna, but smaller. It is a red meat fish that is not greasy. It will be caught in two seasons: spring and autumn. Most of them are cooked as sashimi, grilled with whole skin, and eaten with many seasonings such as onions and Myoga ginger.

In addition, it is often on the menu of restaurants and izakaya restaurants called “Katsuo Tataki” and is often dried to make “Katsuo Bushi” or processed into canned fish.

6. Kampachi (カンパチ / Kanpachi)

 Kampachi is one of the Amberjack family. It has a strong taste, sweet smell, and gummy texture. When compared with Hamachi, the Kampachi is lower in fat and is a natural fish that tastes better than farm fish. It is popular to be cooked as Sashimi, Nigiri, and Sushi.

7. Aji ( シマアジ / Shima-aji)

Aji or Shima-aji is a fish with a mixed taste of mackerel and Kampachi. It has a crisp, sweet, oily taste, a soft, white texture with a little bit of fat, and a well-known crispy skin. It is considered a very popular Japanese fish. Most of them are on sashimi, sushi, and nigiri menus. When eaten fresh, they have firm meat, a sweet smell, and are not fishy, making many Sashimi lovers give it as a favorite menu.

How was it with the popular Sashimi on the Japanese menu? You may read it and want to order some sashimi. What kinds of Sashimi do you like? Let’s recommend it!

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