Doctor’s warning! Drink a drink high in oxalic acid, a risk of bladder stone.

Drink refreshments to relieve stress and heat such as coffee, cocoa, soft drinks, and beer, which are popular for many people to drink in the afternoon. Nevertheless, these drinks may pose a risk to the body, such as high blood sugar, weight gain, and bladder stones. Today, ACU PAY will warn you of bladder stones-prone drinks and how to avoid them.

What is bladder stone?

It is stones from the kidney or ureter that have fallen and accumulated in the bladder. It is often caused by insufficient excretion of urine for some reason. This causes bladder water to remain in the bladder for a long time and then precipitates and gradually grows into gallstones.

Calcium oxalate is the main component of gallstones. Oxalates can prevent the body from absorbing calcium. Therefore, increased levels of calcium in urine will lead to kidney stones.

Dr. Chen Yuzin, a Taiwanese urinary system specialist, revealed that calcium oxalate is a major component of stones by 10% to 15%. Therefore, attention should be paid to reducing the consumption of oxalic acid in food, even those who prefer drinking beverages instead of water.

Six beverages with high oxalic acid are:

  • Tea like lemon tea, chamomile tea, mint tea.
  • Coffee
  • cranberry juice
  • a soft drink
  • Beer
  • Cocoa

Symptoms commonly found in bladder stones patients are:

  • Abnormal urination is similar to bladder inflammation, such as frequent urination, burning urination (Dysuria), or contamination with blood(Hematuria).
  • Can’t urinate or have a little bit of urination
  • There are stones resembling sand gravel mixed out with urine.
  • If a stone crushes or rubs against the bladder wall or urine tube until the wound occurs, it may cause an infection in the bladder system. The patient may have a fever as well.

However, a Taiwanese doctor says that the main cause of bladder stones is insufficient drinking, often found in many patients who do not drink up to 1,000 ml of water daily. Therefore, doctors recommend that adults consume more than 2,000 ml of water per day.

Especially if office workers stay in the air conditioning room for a long time and drink less water, doctors recommend that they should remind themselves to drink water and practice drinking water regularly.

The doctor also warned that we can slow the formation of stones in the urine, depending on changing diet and drinking water in our daily lives. However, if lifestyle changes have not been able to make stones disappear, it is recommended that you seek assistance from a specialist in the urinary system as soon as possible.

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