Why don’t you remember anything after the concert was over? Let’s get to know ‘Amnesia After Concert’

Have you ever forgotten everything about the concert after it was over even though  you spent a few hours enjoying the concert to the fullest and had a lot to talk about? Wonder no more! because ACU PAY will explain about Amnesia After Concert for you guys!

This happened to a Taylor Swift fan or “Swifty”. She posted a story on social media after watching Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour concert, which was packed with more than 40 song playlists over the full three hours. She experienced problems remembering this story dimly and cannot clearly remember the details as well .It may sound incredible, but many Swifties claim that they also suffer from amnesia after the concert.

This incident was explained by Dr.Michelle Phillips, Senior Lecturer in Music Psychology from the Royal Northern Institute of Music, Dr. Phillips said that we may have a chance to forget some of the happy moments during the concert. This condition is called Post-Concert Amnesia, but it’s not as serious as you think.

For example in Taylor Swift’s concert, many audiences faced this condition. With several factors, the audience was so excited that each person focused on different points. Some only remember the singer’s pictures and movements. Some only remember the magnificence of the scene and some do not remember anything but the feelings of that moment.

In addition, another principle that causes past-concert amnesia is the principle that “time flies when we are happy, ” Dr.Phillips explained that when fans are excited and immersed in a moment, they will feel as if “a sudden lapse of time” and they will not be able to process everything they just saw, heard and felt properly.

What is the cause of Post-Concert amnesia?

Long-term memory requires “short-term memory transfer to areas where the long-term memory is,” which usually takes days or weeks after the incident, said Dr. Robert Chulman, vice professor of psychiatry and behavior at Raj Medical Center.

So when adrenaline and corticosteroids come out because of the excitement, these joyous and exciting substances interfere with our memory function, which results in remembering nothing temporarily.

In addition, modern concerts are organized with a variety of elements whether the lighting, large props, singer’s costume changes, or scenes that have been changed. So no wonder some people won’t be able to remember everything that happened at the concert

What to do when post-concert amnesia occurs?

For a solution to this, Dr.Chulman said fans can try to regain some of their memories by listening to music or watching concert performances that they watch through video clips or pictures. If you want a way to prevent memory loss that will occur after the concert, you can easily practice your mind by not being too immersed in the excitement in front of your face. Try to concentrate and explore the people around you. You will be able to understand the whole event and have unforgettable memories of both pictures and emotions.

In conclusion, each person focuses on a place, person, or atmosphere, at different points in a time of happiness. Although memory may be blurred, the best way to restore some of the forgetful memories is to rewind video clips or images of that time to stimulate blurred memories.

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