Get to know “World Wildlife Day”

Does anybody know what day is March 3rd? Right, it is World Wildlife Day! Today, ACU PAY will take everyone to know more about this day and see why World Wildlife Day is needed.


World Wildlife Day falls on 3rd March every year because this is the day that CITES, the abbreviation for The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, was founded on 3 March, 1973. This was founded to raise awareness of the CITES member countries in preserving wildlife and flora for the sake of mankind.

Or also known as the Washington Convention, which has Thailand as the 80th member country. The Convention was signed in 1975 and ratified on January 21, 1983. Currently, the total number of member countries is 178 countries in preserving wildlife resources and flora for the sake of mankind. 

Wildlife means every kind of animal, including terrestrial animals, aquatic animals, poultry, insects, and arachnids, which are naturally born and live in the woods or water. This also includes all the eggs of all those species of wild animals, not including registered beasts of burden, according to the description of the laws on beast of burden and the beast of burden derived from the reproduction of such animals.

The convention aims to prevent wildlife and flora from invasion by creating a general network to control the international trading of wild animals, living wild flora, carcasses, and goods.

However, now as humans like us become more advanced, nearly a quarter of the world’s animals are at risk of extinction in the next few decades. A variety of animals are hunted, killed, and trafficked till they become extinct, as well as the vanished forest due to the invasion from humans to build buildings and also cause global warming.

Therefore, it is necessary to build awareness for people so that they can realize the benefits and importance of wildlife and turn to preserve wildlife more, especially communities living nearby. This is an urgent goal that the government, public sector, private sector, and people have turned to working together to help preserve wildlife continuously and sustainably, so World Wildlife Day is set.

In Thailand, this event was officially held in 2014. The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation held an exhibition to spread knowledge of wildlife and flora for the youth and those interested to gain more knowledge to cultivate love and cherishment of nature. In addition, many provinces also organized activities like tree planting and releasing wild animals back to nature.

We can also participate in World Wildlife Day as well by planting trees, reducing pollution, not supporting illegal wildlife products, emphasizing the importance of wildlife and flora preservation. Also, we should look after wildlife and flora together if any wrongdoing involving forest and wildlife is seen such as encroachment and deforestation, wildlife trafficking, hunting, or possession of wild animals or carcasses, you can call 1362 for 24 hours a day.

What’s your opinion on World Wildlife Day that ACU PAY brings for you today? ACU PAY hopes that you will realize and become more aware of the importance of wildlife and flora preservation. It is time for humans who once exploited nature to preserve and take care of co-living matter on earth. Let’s save animals that are at risk of extinction or being hunted and killed. Don’t forget that If you find any wrongdoing involving forest resources and wildlife, please call 1362.

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