Have a dispute? Thai Arbitration Institute can help!

Many times we have disputes arise with the counterparty but do not know how to begin, how to go to court, do not know the procedure, or do not have time. Today, we will bring everyone to the arbitration institution in case people want to find a solution if there is a dispute.

Thailand Arbitration Center: THAC is an institution that provides arbitration and dispute compromise services at the international level. It has been in operation since 2015. The aim is to support and promote international arbitration systems and provide independent and international standards-based arbitration services.

The services of an Arbitration Institution


The good thing to do conciliation is to increase flexibility and seek solutions that the parties need within a short period of time and cost savings. Thus, the institution provides Conciliation service by the internationally recognized compromisers. 



It is a process in which the parties start and end the process at any time.

There is an informal process and flexibility.

The process is fast and costs little.

It’s about keeping the relationship and confidentiality of the parties.

2. Arbitration Institute's online dispute settlement system

For those who want to settle the dispute but do not want to go to court, you can send the dispute to the Arbitration Institution on online platforms at https://odr.thac.or.th/auth/login

3.Bail-Money Holding Service

Bail-money holding service is the service where the Arbitration Institution acts as an intermediary to hold the bail money for Ad Hoc Arbitration cases. The Institution is assigned by the dispute parties or the arbitration of Ad Hoc Arbitration cases to hold the bail money to insure the debt settlement according to the verdict of the arbitration.

The institution can collect fees from the parties to the dispute or the arbitrator has ordered the payment of insurance money as follows:

  1. A fee for illness insurance money for arbitration and the cost of the case is at a rate of 10,000 baht for each case a year.
  2. A fee for debt settlement insurance according to the verdict of the arbitration is at a rate of 15,000 baht for each case a year.

**In cases where the service arbitration institution holds less than one year’s bail-money holding service, the fee shall be charged at the rate of one year.


It is about the Visa Issuance for foreigners who are experts in arbitration to work in the country or in the institution to add a specialist to the dispute resolution process.

Privileges for Foreign Arbitration Specialists

At the end of last year, the Office of the Board of Investment issued an additional industry notice on alternative dispute resolution services by arbitration, requiring high-skilled professionals involved in the service to apply for special temporary resident registration (SMART VISA). In terms of the scope of high-skilled professionals, it is not limited to arbitration. The Board of Investment’s guidelines also include career arbitration counseling as defense counsel and supporting work such as A transcriber.

If such a person is considered to be qualified, they will receive benefits in addition to a normal Visa. For example, the maximum period of staying is not more than 4 years and can be extended to not more than 4 years at a time, Foreigners do not need to apply for a work permit for public affairs or agencies, Extend reporting period from regular reporting every 90 days to reporting every year which can be done at the Visa and License Center, Re-entry permit. In addition, they will be entitled to use the Fast Track to enter and exit the Kingdom at international airports where special channels are available. Moreover, Foreign professionals’ legal spouses and children will be entitled to stay in Thailand and be able to work for the same period of time as the specialist. However, it must be under the condition that work should not be prohibited under the Foreign Employment Management Regulations 2017 (and amended) and legally children can work at the age of 18 years of age or older under the Labor Protection Act 1998.

will help attract high-skilled professionals in alternative dispute resolution through arbitration. However, caution should be exercised that the foreigner must receive a SMART VISA before he can perform his duties. Otherwise, they may face punishment as stipulated in the 2017 Foreign Employment Management Act B.E. 2560. In addition, the application process may take approximately 30 business days, so it is not appropriate in case of an emergency.


Additional information can be read at หน้าแรก | สถาบันอนุญาโตตุลาการ THAC

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