Have you ever wondered whether our pet cat fart or not?

Even though cats do not fart in front of their humans quite often, farting is still one of the living mechanisms of all animals. Therefore, cats will have to emit gas from time to time because of the inevitable effects of diet and digestion.

What's the reason why cats fart so little or we barely hear it?

The fact that cats rarely emit gas till we think that they never fart is because of the type of food they regularly eat. Cats are known to be carnivores that live only on meat-based foods. This makes their intestines digest meat well. If food is vegetables and carbohydrates, the cat’s intestines do not digest very well. The cats rarely eat carbohydrates and vegetables, so little they farted, and often fart so quietly that it could not be noticed.

What are the reasons why cats fart so often?

Cats eat foods like starchy food and vegetables.

Sometimes cat owners like to feed them with rice mixed in cats’ food and the carbohydrates in cats’ food can affect the cat’s digestion. When starchy foods that cannot be digested fall to the large intestine, microbes inside them cause fermentation to accumulate into odorless gasses or ferment until sometimes they form rotten egg gasses which result in cats’ farting.

Cats are allergic to food or the food do not suitable for cats

Cats are the same as ordinary people who sometimes have stomach problems. Food allergy in most cats, about 10%-15% of cats with stomach problems are found. If the kitty starts farting too often, you would better blame the cat food.

Cats eat a lot of air

Notice how the cat at home likes to swallow food so fast that it stops breathing to eat as soon as you lay the food down? If so, that’s one of the reasons why cats like to fast because cats that eat so well will swallow a lot of air while eating as well. This issue is also common in dogs that eat well.

The cat has a problem with its digestive system.

However, if you notice that your cat farts more frequently, it may not be a joke because it is likely to be a sign of disease or gastrointestinal disorder such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), intestinal parasites, or chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Especially in cases of diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion or transfusion.

Therefore, if your kitty emits a loud gas and smells unpleasant, not only will you laugh or post a video on social media, but you should take cats to check the digestive system for health problems before any serious problems arise.

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