How to do a nice and effective facial mask

Have you ever wondered why Korean people have glass-like skin? This is because korean people have tips to take care and keep their face moisturized every day, which is the facial mask. However, there are many people who say that doing facial masks every day is bad for the skin, causing it to wrinkle quickly. Which idea is correct? Today, ACU PAY has an answer to this question to share with you.

Is it true that doing a facial mask every day is good?

For anyone who doubts whether a facial mask should be worn daily or not, because it may make the skin wither, well, those sayings are not quite right. Facial masks can be done daily, but the type of mask used must be a product made only for moisturizing the skin. However, if it is a mask that solves skin problems such as reducing freckles or brightening, this type of mask should never be worn every day because, in the mask, there are mild acidic nourishing substances to shed skin cells. If you accidentally use them every day, it’s guaranteed that your face will become thinner. This type of facial mask should be used 2-3 times a week.  In addition, it is very important to choose a mask that suits your skin type because if you choose the wrong one, your face can become weak, and congested, and cause acne. What kind of mask should you choose for this type of skin? You can see it here.

Facial mask should be suitable for skin type

1. Sheet mask

The mask sheet is coated with essence to nourish and lock moisture on the skin to keep it hydrated. Mask sheet is a very popular mask because it is easy to use, convenient and can be used in all skin conditions. Typically, only 15 to 20 minutes of masking is recommended. It can be used every day.

Suitable for: It is a moisturizing mask that can be used in all skin conditions.

Cautions: Never mask for more than 20 minutes or overnight, because the mask sheet draws moisture from our faces and may cause skin to wither and dull.

2. Powder mask

It is a powdery facial mask and is mixed with water to use. It can adjust the viscosity as desired. Then, mix them together and massage them lightly on the face. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and wash it off. The powdery mask removes old skin cells, cleanses our skin and reduces skin congestion. 

Suitable for: People with combination skin and oily skin

Cautions: It is recommended to be used once or twice a week

3. Gel mask

The gentle gel helps to improve skin conditions, increase moisture, give a cool feeling of relaxation, soothe the skin, and reduce darkening.Therefore, gel masks are popular for moisturizing and skin restoration. Most of them are left at night and washed after waking up.

Suitable for: Gel masks can be used for all skin conditions, especially for people with dry skin and easy allergies.

Cautions: Gel masks such as Sleeping Mask can be used every day because they are designed to be nourished cream, not too heavy, and focus on moisturizing. Don’t worry about wrinkles.

4. Cream mask

Before using it, clean your face first. Then, use the mask cream for about 30 minutes and wash it off with water. This will help remove damaged skin cells, clean pores and make pores smaller, your facial skin will be more firm and smoother. In addition, there is also a cream mask that can be left overnight which focuses on balancing and moisturizing your skin. It can be used together with night cream.

Suitable for: People with dry skin

Cautions: Daily use is not recommended because blockage in the pores and dryness can occur.

5. Clay Mask

It’s a mask containing natural mud and has a concentrated texture. The method is to leave a thick mask on clean, dry skin. The mud mask detoxes the skin and absorbs dirt from the skin which makes the pores clean. After the mask, apply a moisturizing cream or moisturizer to moisten the skin.

Suitable for: People with combination skin, oily skin, or people who have acne.

Cautions: It should not be worn for more than 15 minutes, and Clay masks should be done only 3 times per week.

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