How to make a ten-thousand salary into a million!

    For those who have been working for a while or just starting to work, this is the time that the purchasing power of some people may be different. But what everyone wants to have in common is that they want to have a lot of money, hundreds of thousands or millions, to buy things that we dream of, such as a house or a car. The question is, how do you invest tens of thousands in salary to make millions to fulfill your dreams? Let’s take a look.

First of all, the basics that will make us money are saving money.

      Before investing, one thing we should have is cash flow. How does cash flow happen? Since we collect money and save money from our salary every month, we should save money first. and then spent. If there is any remaining, we can collect more, suggesting that we should keep it. 20%-30% of income. For example, if we have a salary of twenty thousand baht, we should save at least four thousand baht per month. As for who can save how much money, it depends on the needs of each person’s spending. The most important thing we can get It’s not just savings or cash flow. But it will allow us to have a broader idea and be able to look into the future more. We can imagine having a full tank of gas and running out of gas. Concern or perspective is very different. The other person can go anywhere without fear of running out of fuel. The other was just looking for a gas station.

Part 2, from a small sum of money collected to large

    You might be wondering why you don’t have to save so much money. We try to visualize that money as a soft mattress. If we fall on the mattress, it doesn’t hurt much. But we have a small sum of money. It was like a little futon that supports us when we fall. Because if we invest and fail or lose, or if an illness comes up, having a large mattress will help us not hurt or hurt very little. What follows is that we will have no wounds, no recovery time, and the energy to move forward.

Part 3: Begin Investing in Funds

    When we have money, it’s like we have a mattress. There is something to support us if we fall. So, begin investing for newcomers. Funds are the top choice. Because even if we have a mattress, if we don’t fall or fall and have a little pain, it’s better. Apart from the fact that the fund is a low-risk investment (depending on the fund type) and that the results are tax-deductible for the salaryman, investing in mutual funds often forces us to invest long-term. Seeing results takes time. But we buy investment units today like we plant a tree, waiting for the day to grow.

Part 4, "Invest in riskier assets but profit is better"

    If you want to invest, the first thing you should be aware of is risk and risk tolerance. As said, money is like a futon. Investing money, our mattresses are reduced, but even if we fall, it doesn’t hurt. It is worth taking the risk with seedlings that produce larger and faster yields. For example, investing in higher-risk funds, stocks, investing in your dreams; selling stuff; opening a cafe; or running your own business; we can see that the thing that has brought us to this point is saving 20%–30% of our salary. Because having money or having enough oil will make things better and go further.

Everything takes time. be a salaryman the advantage is that we can calculate how much time we will spend on collecting money to invest to reach the goal. You can go to www.set.or.th.