Kimchi! The world’s No. 1 super food

When it comes to Korean food, there is no one who does not know “Kimchi”, Popular side dishes or pickles that are unusually eaten with Korean BBQ or cooked in a variety of menus. The ingredient in making Kimchi is vegetables that are healthy to our health. However, no one will ever think of “Kimchi” being the world’s no.1 superfood in 2023. According to a selection of professional nutritionists in American Nutrition magazine and a food-famous marketing company, a survey of 757 registered nutritionists voted together to select which foods are the most nutritious for consumers and the winner is “Kimchi”.

Today. ACU will make you know more about Kimchi and the reason why it ranked in the first place of the world’s superfood. Kimchi is a word to call pickles in Korean, one of the symbolic dishes of Korea. Normally made from chinese cabbage, but it can be made from other ingredients as well such as radish, cucumber, beets etc. In addition to its unique taste, kimchi is also known as a health food because it is rich in probiotics. Many studies suggest that kimchi may help strengthen immunity and the digestive system. Let’s take a look at other benefits of Kimchi to our health

1.Strengthen the function of the immune system

Eating vegetables that have been fermented has led to the formation of lactobacillus, a healthy positive bacteria. Plantarum lactobacillus in kimchi reduces inflammation of the body, preventing it from interfering with the immune system and resulting in an effective immune system.

2. The digestive system works well.

Probiotics in kimchi and good bacteria like lactobacillus can contribute to the functioning of the digestive system, protecting us from diarrhea, constipation and improving our gastrointestinal health.

3. Lose weight

Eating vegetables or fermented foods often has very low calorie numbers, so it may make the person who eats them feel as if they lost weight. However, eating kimchi should be accompanied by other menus that are fully nutritious in order to increase the energy of our body each day and you should exercise regularly.

In addition, kimchi may help improve health in other areas such as anti-wrinkle, and relieving some emotional disorders, and some studies discuss the anti-cancer properties of kimchi.

Although kimchi has many health benefits, it can also be harmful to the body as fermented foods usually contain a large amount of salt or sodium. It may be at risk of causing Functional dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome and risk of developing gastric cancer. Therefore, kimchi will be a healthy food only if it is eaten in an appropriate amount.