Safe way to use credit-debit card to avoid fraud

A credit card and debit card is a popular option for people to pay in daily life because of its convenience and ease of use. It reduces the problems of losing money or stealing money because we do not have to carry a lot of cash. Also, people can get a lot of benefits from […]

PINNACLE , Bangkok Bank’s highest credit card.

Bangkok Bank new credit card launched for the rich. The conditions of the card is that the card holder must have money or assets which are invested in the bank for more than 100 million baht. That’s why it is launched for the rich only. This is considered the highest credit card of Bangkok Bank. […]

Vocabularies for stockholders and Crypto-holders

Stockholders and Crypto-holders, whether amateurs or long-time holders should not miss this content! Today ACU PAY will update stock and crypto vocabularies. Let’s take a look at what they are, and how familiar you are with them. Let’s start. Vocabularies for stockholders and Crypto-holders Whale: It refers to individuals or entities that hold large amounts […]

How traffic jams affect the Thai Economy?

Who lives in Bangkok Make Some Noise! Most people living in Bangkok might have the same problem, which is traffic jams. This problem causes a lot of damage to Thailand in the aspect of people who have to go ahead of time in order to not be late. Also, in the aspect of economy as […]

What is Excise Tax and Why do we have to pay Luxury Tax?

Stick with news about tax. Today, we are going to inform you more about tax. Most people might have heard about “Luxury Tax”. Those who still have no idea what luxury tax is, ACU will tell you about how luxury tax affects manufacturers, importers, a service establishment operator, and those who have to pay tax. […]