Safe way to use credit-debit card to avoid fraud

A credit card and debit card is a popular option for people to pay in daily life because of its convenience and ease of use. It reduces the problems of losing money or stealing money because we do not have to carry a lot of cash. Also, people can get a lot of benefits from credit and debit cards such as points, rewards and discounts. On the other hand, it can be bad for people who do not use credit and debit cards properly and get into fraud. Today, ACU has gathered the safe ways to use credit and debit cards to avoid fraud for you.

Nowadays, shopping is easy and convenient, but you know what? The easier it is, the more you can overlook the risks. Let’s take a look at how to use credit and debit cards safely without fraud. 

1. Setting the password

The password should be hard to guess and should be reset every 3 months to prevent theft of credit/debit card information and reusing our cards.

2. Every spending require a cardholders

Do not let other people use cards when you are not around. The cardholder should always be with the card in every payment because there might be a copy of the card or use the card number for other payments.

3. Notification for every payment from App or SMS

Notification will inform you about promotions, events and the transaction within the cards. You can fix it in time if there is any weird transaction to avoid criminals stealing all of your money from the card.

4.Check the amount of every payment.

There is a service in the application to check the remaining amount of money on the card, including the amount of the payment. You can check the amount of the payment in the App with the actual payment.

5.Use at the reliable store

Check the store information thoroughly before using a card, especially at the online store.  It will cause a lot of loss if the store is a fraud and you have already paid with your credit/debit card.

6.Do not tell anyone about detail of the credit/debit card

You should not tell anyone about the information on the card such as CVV number because they might use that information to pay for themselves.

7. Report the unusual thing to the bank

You should report to the bank to freeze your account if there is any payment that you do not know about, a weird transfer to your bank account or losing cards in order to prevent the situation where someone uses your cards. 

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