PINNACLE , Bangkok Bank’s highest credit card.

Bangkok Bank new credit card launched for the rich. The conditions of the card is that the card holder must have money or assets which are invested in the bank for more than 100 million baht. That’s why it is launched for the rich only. This is considered the highest credit card of Bangkok Bank. Today, ACU will show you about the specialities, benefits and conditions of the PINNACLE credit card. 

PINNACLE credit card of Bangkok Bank was launched on 29 November 2022m which is the highest credit card of the bank. The condition to hold this card is having money or assets that invest in the bank more than 100 million baht for 6 months in a row. This card is created for customers in the Ultra High Net Worth level only. 

The Design of the PINNACLE

The card is designed to look elegant. It is decorated with the year-round pattern on the card, indicating stability and the blue color which indicate the strength. Also, the card embraces tenderness by using metal as a material, making it feel more special than other credit cards. It is also the first credit card to be a metal card.

Benefits for PINNACLE card holders

Of course there are going to have plenty of benefits for the PINNACLE card holders. Let’s take a look at those benefits. 

  • PINNACLE Personal Assistant: Personal assistance privilege to manage all needs to be easier and more convenient, such as reserving seats for travel or managing restaurant reservations, etc.
  • PINNACLE Travel: Travel privileges with more than 1,000 lounges at leading airports around the world, in-flight limousine services and facilitate access to immigration checkpoints both inbound and outbound at Suvarnabhumi Airport.
  • PINNACLE Reward: Spending privileges with double the points for every 25 Baht spent on travel to exchange for travel miles and get luxury accommodation packages.
  • PINNACLE Lifestyle: Lifestyle privileges such as special price to check in the hotel. 
  • Visa Application Privileged Service: Visa service privileges to apply for UK and Italian visas without making an appointment and VFS Premium Lounge.

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