Let’s get to know about Electronic Tax Invoice

According to “Shop Dee Mee Kuen” content, most of you still wonder about the tax invoice used in tax allowance. SOme might think you can only ask for a tax invoice from the storefront, but actually you can ask for a tax invoice from an online shop as well.  The tax invoice which is issued from an online shop is called “Electronic Tax Invoice”. Today ACU will present to you about the benefits of Electronic Tax Invoice and what kind of shop that can issue the electronic tax invoice. 

What is Electronic Tax Invoice?

It is a kind of tax invoice which is in the form of a PDF, DOC, DOCX or word file. It is the evidence of payment and shows the amount of VAT to pay without being in the form of paper. Electronic Tax Invoice is relevant to Shop Dee Mee Kuen 2023 because the conditions of the event state that there must be evidence of payment in order to file a tax allowance which is Tax Invoice. There are 2 kind of allowance as follow;

1.Payment of goods or services for 30,000 baht with the evidence of receipt and a paper tax invoice or electronic tax invoice.

2.Payment of goods or services which is not over 10,000 baht with the evidence of receipt and an electronic tax invoice only.

For example, you purchase an electrical appliance for 50,000 baht. If you ask for a paper tax invoice, you can have only 30,000 baht of tax allowance. However, if you purchase an electrical appliance for 50,000 baht and ask for an electronic invoice, you can have 40,000baht of tax allowance.

What should be on Tax Invoice

There are 2 ways to issue the tax invoice. The first one is to send an email to the customer. The second one is printing in the form of paper which must have a phrase state that “ The document is done and send information to the Department of Revenue electronically” The detail in the tax invoice are as follows;

  • Must have “Tax Invoice” on it
  • Detail of shop’s name, address, 13 digits number or the person’s name who issue the tax invoice
  • Detail of customer’s name and address
  • The amount of VAT
  • Date/Month/Year of the tax invoice 
  • The order and the number of book
  • Electronic sign or the stamp of the shop or the person who issue it

Electronic tax invoice verification method

  1. Usually, tax invoice will be sent via Email or the application that the shop designates.
  2. Tax invoice normally in the form of a PDF File or it can be in another file. 
  3. Go to https://validation.teda.th/webportal/v2/#/validate to check the tax invoice by attaching the tax invoice received from the shop
  4. You can check the list of entrepreneur who can issue the tax invoice as well.

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