Workshop places to heal your mind on your free days in Bangkok

Does anyone want to do something fun to relieve stress on weekends? Today, ACU PAY will appease people who love to learn to show their skills with the workshop places in Bangkok to heal minds. You can go by yourself or with your friends. Write down on your to-do lists and follow ACU PAY!

Update! When does the MRT orange line open for its service?

Recently, there was news that there will be an MRT Orange Line to increase convenience for residents in Bangkok and surrounding areas. The route of Thailand Cultural Center – Minburi (Suwinthawong) has progressed and it is almost 100% completed, but why haven’t the people in Bangkok and the surrounding areas not used it yet and when will we use it? ACU PAY will update it for you.

Tips on how to keep perfume to be as long as if you just unboxed it.

The price of the perfume we bought is quite expensive but why does the scent begin to change quickly? Are there any ways to keep the perfume in a good condition for a long time? The answer is Yes! and it is not difficult to do so. If you want to know, ACU Pay will tell Tips about this.

5 four-legged celebs who shake the influencers industry

If it comes to the word “Celeb” in the online world, anyone can easily be a celeb, including the furry four-legged, can be a celeb as well. Now, marketing also chose four-legged influencers as a presenter. Which page of cat and dog are celebs in the online world? Follow ACU PAY to find out.

Cabinet approved! Extend the exemption time for VAT on Trading of Crypto – Digital Asset

Good news for those who love to trade Crypto-Token because the Ministry of Finance announced the exemption time for VAT Trading of Digital Asset (Cryptocurrency) It covers cryptocurrency trading through the Exchange Center, Digital Asset Broker, and Dealer under the supervision of The Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission from January 1, 2024 onwards. “Without an end of term.”