Tips on how to keep perfume to be as long as if you just unboxed it.

The price of the perfume we bought is quite expensive but why does the scent begin to change quickly? Are there any ways to keep the perfume in a good condition for a long time? The answer is Yes! and it is not difficult to do so. If you want to know, ACU Pay will tell Tips about this.

How to Observe Perfume initially

Change in color: The perfume has a darker shade, the color is quite yellow.

Change in scent: The scent will fade and won’t smell the same.

Tips on how to preserve perfume to last long

1. Keep out of the sun

No matter how beautiful the perfume bottle is, what you need to understand before you buy perfume is that it has an arch enemy called “light” in all forms. Perfume consists of a mixture of Alcohol and Fragrance Oils, which do not get along with heat. Therefore, if these substances are exposed to direct sunlight, it will cause perfumes to deteriorate easily. Both colors and smells will surely be distorted.

Therefore, keep these perfumes as far away from the sun as possible, whether it is natural sunlight or light from light bulbs. It is recommended to store them in a dense box, drawer, or closet.

2. Don’t keep perfume in the bathroom

Anyone who thinks that keeping the perfume in the bathroom since the bathroom is also cold is wrong because the bathroom is always a place where the temperature changes, also it’s hot and humid in there. It’s the variability that causes perfume molecules to change, like the smell of perfume, and there are possibly fungi and bacteria. Thus, the bathroom is a very bad place to keep perfume.

3. Do not keep perfumes in overheated or cold places

For those who think it’s good to keep the perfume in the refrigerator because it has a cool temperature, and the perfume lasts a long time, you are wrong. Refrigerators are also places where the temperature is not constant. Every time we open the refrigerator, the outside air that goes in changes the temperature, resulting in an odor that’s easily distorted and faded. In fact, it’s not bad to keep perfumes in a refrigerator, but it’s better to keep them in a particular temperature-controlled refrigerator.

4. Close the perfume lid tightly every time after use

Every time the lid of the perfume bottle opens, the perfume is exposed to oxygen and oxidizes. The more often the perfume touches oxygen, the smell begins to fade away. So every time you open the perfume bottle, you should close it properly, and if any perfume is not used yet, don’t open the seal bottle.

5. Divide the perfume from the real bottle into the portable bottle correctly

Many people prefer to separate perfumes from real bottles, carry them in portable sizes for travel time, or re-spray them during the day. However, the way perfumes are distributed, they’re reduced in efficiency, because every time we take them out of a bottle, the air gets in and it degrades the perfume more quickly. If you want to share the perfume for a portable size, you should choose a bottle of perfume for the correct division to use the most effective perfume.

Any girl who accidentally puts perfume in an inappropriate place must change the place quickly. Just that and the fragrance you buy will last for a long time, and the scent will not fade, and the color will remain unchanged.

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