5 four-legged celebs who shake the influencers industry

If it comes to the word “Celeb” in the online world, anyone can easily be a celeb, including the furry four-legged, can be a celeb as well. Now, marketing also chose four-legged influencers as a presenter. Which page of cat and dog are celebs in the online world? Follow ACU PAY to find out.

Why did pets become influencers in the online world?

Have you ever wondered why the marketing chooses a four-legged cat or dog to be a presenter for the brands? Not only for pet-related brands but also products that people actually use. It may depend on these reasons.

1. The cuteness wins the people’s hearts

What do you do when you feel stressed to heal yourself? The answer may be watching pet videos because they can heal our minds. With its natural cuteness and unique character, it is not difficult to win the hearts of viewers. Especially if it is a funny post, people will also press likes, and shares which add more engagement to that brand as well.

2. Make a brand more accessible

Many brands have chosen four-legged celebs to launch marketing campaigns on social media to communicate positive, easy-to-access content. When people view the ads, they feel that they are not forced to view product sales too much. 

3. Exchange customer base

The marketing campaign collaboration allows customers who follow the four-legged celeb to learn about the brand’s products or promotions. On the other hand, four-legged influencers became well-known from the old customer base of the brand and gained new viewers following them. Win-Win.

Popular four-legged celebrities of the online world

Now in the social world, there are a lot of cat and dog celebrities. In addition to being cute and adorable, what makes some of them stand out is the unique characteristics of that cat dog and the way they tell interesting stories so that people like to follow and remember those cat and dog celebrities. An example of a popular social page is as follows.

Gluta Story

It is a page for dog lovers, especially stray dogs that are as cute as farm dogs, and is also a source to find forever homes for homeless stray dogs. There are now about 10 members of the dog and cat that Mr. Yorch and Ms. Som have adopted. Apart from seeing the cuteness of each cat and dog, you also saw the photography skill of Mr. Yorch, who recorded those dogs and cats, was so cute and very cool.

Fierce Japan and friends

“Jummeng,” a well-known golden dog that comes with brightness, with catchphrases like “Jummeng Mee A Rai~,”(What does Jummeng have?) which has become a social trend from the voice-over by its owner, Ms. Pan. In fact, before Jummeng, there were 2 other Golden members and 1 former member who died. This was the beginning of making the page. The cuteness of Golden House members made someone contact to shoot a non-stop event. This can be called a social favorite celeb.

Office Cat

Another page that records the cuteness of kittens in their office with cute poses whether they lie on a keyboard or step on a keyboard that we don’t know whether these cats help reduce work or help increase the work. The nine members of this office are actually stray cats adopted from different places by their employees and were loved and adored until it became a page for the office cat. Another cuteness is the creation of characters for the cats by positioning them as an employee of various departments.

Captain Quint's Family

Page all 9 cocktail family members who are famous for TikTok with a video of Siberian singing and a video of Siberian talking to the call center gang. Each member was adopted by Mr. Guy, the owner of the page and some people gave it to him. He shared his pets’ cuteness on social media until it became known and started to have followers. Mr. Guy then developed his own pet shop business along with updating his pets’ cuteness on social media as usual.

The eyebrows are the crown of Khae

“Kae” is a pretty chihuahua that people were fascinated by her posture with her fierce face looking straight at the camera all the time. Besides this ability, the hairstyle and dress which are picked by the owner are also nice. Each cosplay following a star or an actor is very iconic. The page became famous and made Nong Kae become the fashionista of the social world.

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