Update! When does the MRT orange line open for its service?

Recently, there was news that there will be an MRT Orange Line to increase convenience for residents in Bangkok and surrounding areas. The route of Thailand Cultural Center – Minburi (Suwinthawong) has progressed and it is almost 100% completed, but why haven’t the people in Bangkok and the surrounding areas not used it yet and when will we use it? ACU PAY will update it for you.

Which station does the orange line pass?

There has been a plan to approve the construction of the Orange Line train since 2016. The Orange Line links Bangkok on the east and west sides and has a construction plan for 29 stations starting from Taling Chan Station to Rom Klao Intersection, with a total route of 39.8 kilometers. It is divided into the east route, the Thailand Cultural Center- Minburi (Suwinthawong), and the west side, the Thailand Cultural Center – Bang Khun Non by heavy rail.

  • East line will be a route within the city area along the eastern line from Thailand Cultural Center-Minburi (Suwinthawong) and has a distance of 22.5 kilometers, totaling 17 stations with 10 underground stations and 7 elevated stations. It will be connected to 3 other metro lines, such as Thailand Cultural Center Station connecting to the Blue Line, Lam Sali Intersection Station connecting to the Yellow Line, and Minburi Station connecting to the Pink Line.
  • West line is the route between the Thailand Cultural Center – Bang Khun Non, 13.4 kilometers long, has a total of 11 stations, all underground stations. It will be connected to the Siriraj Joint Railway Station, Siriraj Hospital, Metropolitan Metro Purple Line, BTS at Ratchathewi Station, Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link at Ratchaprarop Station and the Metropolitan Railway Chalerm Ratchamongkol Line.

The Orange Line train routes in the East Line are as follows;

East Line

OR 13: Thailand Cultural Center Station

OR 14: MRTA Station

OR 15: Wat Rama 9 Station

OR 16: Ramkhamhaeng 12 Station

OR 17: Ramkhamhaeng Station

OR 18: Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) Station

OR 19: Ramkhamhaeng 34 Station

OR 20: Yaek Lam Sali station

OR 21: Sri Burapha Station

OR 22: Khlong Ban Ma Station

OR 23: Sammakorn Station

OR 24: Nomklao Station

OR 25: Rat Phatthana Station

OR 26: Min Phatthana Station

OR 27: Ramkhamhaeng Housing Authority Station

OR 28: Minburi Station

OR 29: Romklao Intersection Station

Why doesn’t the MRT Orange Line open its service? When can we use it?

The Orange Line Project, which is planned to open in the near future, is the route of the Orange Line in the East Line from Thailand Cultural Center – Minburi (Suwinthawong). The project work progress as of June 2023 has already been 100% progress, but it is not possible to operate the Orange line in the near future because the train on the west side during the Thailand Cultural Center – Bang Khun Non has not started its project yet due to litigation and concessions that are being in the proceeding in court. 

As for the East Line of the Orange Line, the Thailand Cultural Center – Minburi (Suwinthawong) is expected to open as soon as possible in 2025 as originally planned or longer because there are No train orders and running tests have not been placed yet.

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