Let’s get to know Heat Stroke, danger in summer which can happen to both humans and animals

When it comes to summer, we have to admit that the strong sunlight in Thailand not only affects humans but also animals as well. We only go outside on boiling hot days if necessary because we may have heat stroke. Today, ACU will introduce you to Heat Stroke, a danger in summer. Let’s start!

What is Heat Stroke?

     It is a symptom caused by outdoor activities or very hot in the sun and keeps the body temperature rising. Usually, if a person is above 40 – 41 degrees Celsius and is unable to cool down in time or dehydrate, they develop fatigue, tiredness, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, low blood pressure, and experiencing arrhythmia, panting, and unconsciousness. 

     Heat Stroke can happen to animals as well and make their body temperature high for about 106-109 degree Fahrenheit. The reason why our pets are at risk of heat stroke is to leave them outdoors, in hot areas for a long time, and in unventilated air, as well as drinking insufficient water as humans do. The symptoms can be observed: they have shortness of breath, dark red gums, convulsions, and stiff muscles that can be severe to the point of death if left untreated.

A preliminary aid when a Heat Stroke occurs

A help for people with Heat Stroke

  • Get the sick in the shade, avoid the sun, and have good ventilation.
  • Unbuttoning and undressing to relieve the heat inside the body.
  • Wipe the sick’s body with a damp cloth to cool off the body, or apply a cold compress to the joints with ice.
  • Let the sick drink plenty of water.
  • If you follow the above information and still do not show any better, bring the sick to the hospital as soon as possible.

A help for animal with Heat Stroke

  • Remove the collar and wipe the body with a damp cloth on its body and groin. Should not use extremely cold water because it may cause shock to the animals. Water should be used at normal temperatures at that time.
  • Massage around its leg to stimulate blood circulation.

In conclusion, heat stroke can occur both in people and animals. So anyone who has to go outside is recommended to drink plenty of water and carry it with you because it helps to cool your body well, and water also has many other properties.

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