Let’s observe Suki Teenoi’s income! Beloved Buffet for suki lovers.

“Suki Teenoi” is a popular suki buffet at the moment which always has a huge line of people who want to enjoy their meal at this place. There are 41 branches of Suki Teenoi and a lot more of the new branches to be opened. The average customer in total of every branch is about 30,000-40,000 per day. With a lot of branches and a great number of customers, let’s take a look at the total income of Suki Teenoi per year and the future plan for Suki Teenoi. 

The origin of Suki Teenoi

This is all start from Miss Nattamol Pisakitchavanit. Her family has experience in the restaurant business called Panya House. However, Miss Nattamol Pisakitchavanit wanted to make the difference and can control the standard of the taste of the food in every branch easily. Customers can enjoy their meal at every branch with the same taste as the original. Thus, the idea of opening a buffet restaurant as Suki Teenoi began. The first branch was opened in 2017 in the Baan Bangkhen museum area. Then, Suki Teenoi went viral on social media and spread widely until the branches expanded to 41 branches. 

At first, Suki Teenoi had a friendly price for people to access easily. The original price was 199 baht per person which is a good value for customers. There are many kinds of meat to choose such as pork, a premium grade of beef, chicken meat and seafood. However, the current price is raised to 219 baht per person due to a higher cost of the ingredients. The opening and closing time of Suki Teenoi is different from other buffet restaurants. It opens from noon to 5 a.m. in the morning. The limited time to eat is 2 hours.

The income and profit of Suki Teenoi.

  • In 2019, Suki Teenoi’s total income is 499 million baht and the net profit is 15 million baht. 
  • In 2020, Suki Teenoi’s total income is 1,217 million baht and the net profit is 140 million baht. 
  • In 2021, Suki Teenoi’s total income is 1,564 million baht and the net profit is 147 million baht. 

Within 3 years, Suki Teenoi had an outstanding net profit. The profit from from 2019 to 2021 grew for 833.33%.

Next goal for Suki Teenoi

Recently, Jaymart Group Holdings has joined in investment with Suki Teenoi. There was an announcement that Jaymart Group Holdings will be a shareholder that holds 30% share or maximum investment for 1,200 million baht. During 2022-2024, there is a plan to bring Suki Teenoi into the Stock Exchange after Suki Teenoi has successfully made a profit. Also, there is a plan to have 60 branches and make 3,000 million baht for total income. The future plan for growth needs to start from the investment budget in a shared kitchen for 500 million baht in order to support the new branches in the future growth.

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