Money management techniques with ‘6 jars’

Are you looking for a way to save money and increase your wealth? If so,  ACU PAY will introduce you to a technique called ‘6 jars’. What is it like? Let’s read this article.

What is a 6 Jars technique?

The 6 Jars technique is a method of collecting money that is theoretically called 6 jars to separate the savings into the right proportions for spending. The idea started with T. Harv Eker, a Canadian businessman who is both a popular speaker and author of financial books that Thai people are familiar with such as Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

The reason why the technique of managing money with six jars is widely known is that he was bankrupt before, but with this trick of saving money, within just a few years, he could become an incredibly wealthy man. What techniques are there? What? Let’s read it together.

The first Jar - Necessary cost (NEC): 55%

It is divided for various daily expenses such as food, travel, water bills, electricity bills, and necessary supplies.

The second jar - Financial Freedom Account (FFA) 10%

It’s part of the money that will be used to fund future growth through investments in financial assets such as stocks and mutual funds. This jar will always create passive income even if you don’t work. The more you put in this jar, the more wealth you get.

The third jar - Education Account (EDU) 10%

Apart from investing in money that will make us wealthy, we should invest more in ourselves, whether through reading or taking additional courses to improve our skills and knowledge, to create more opportunities.

The fourth jar - Long-term saving for spending Account (LTS) 10%

The goal of saving money in this jar is to save money for future use, whether it’s an emergency fund, life insurance, or retirement fund, which is important because it allows us to save when we still have the energy to work for an inactive retirement age.

The fifth jar - Play Account (PLY) 10%

It’s called a jar of the pleasures that are reserved for self-pay, rewarding yourself with hard work and relaxation such as watching movies, shopping, buffet, traveling, and also helping to prevent us from carelessly spending money.

The sixth jar - Give Account (GIV) 5%

Giving is also something we should never forget. It may be a small donation or a gift to buy for parents, friends, or loved ones on various occasions. This jar will fulfill and give joy to yourself and the people around you.

What is your opinion on this 6-jar technique? Anyone interested in starting a simple money management program, try using it to save money. This will help you manage it better.

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