Money-spending Behaviors of These days!

Many people in a modern time may have a plan for using the earned money in a pepper way. Normally, it will be used in traveling, shopping, or buying something for themselves. Even money can’t buy “everything”, money is still the factor that can buy “anything”. Also money is a main factor in daily living. Let’s take a look at the different types of money-spending behavior. Which types have more savings or spending more? Let start.

Money spending depends on one’s behavior and people’s behavior around. For example, single people may spend as much money as they want since there is only one person. On the other hand, they might think more about the future if they live with other people like girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband so their behavior in spending money might change. Today we have gathered information about money-spending behavior.

1. HENRY stands for High Earners, Not Rich Yet

Who has the “High Income, but no saving” problem? This is a behavior that focuses on convenience, buying happiness for yourself and being used to a luxury social life. This group of people do not think much before spending. They buy what they want and do as they want without a money plan for the future. These people are at risk to have no money in their retirement and might have to work in their retirement age or depend on their kids.

2. FIRE stands for Financial Independent, Retire Early

A group of people who are extremely serious in saving and investing. This group of people wish to have financial freedom as soon as possible and have more serious plans than others. The pros of these people are that they have a flexible time when they do not work or do not have a job because they still have saved money. They have to think thoroughly before spending their money. They have an obvious plan about expenses and find a way to make more money all the time.

3.DINK stands for Dual Income, No Kids

A couple with no kids. There are plenty of modern people who do not think that kids will complete their life as a couple. They think the most important thing in a couple’s life is lifestyle without worrying about money. They can share expenses in daily living while not having to worry about kids’ expenses.

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