Recommended Mutual Funds to invest during R.I.S.K

Nowadays, the economy is concerning due to many factors such as inflation, appreciation, depreciation and high interest rate. Not only those factors but also the R.I.S.K situation that always makes people need to update their information about financials. For those who are looking for the right mutual fund, this is the right place because today we are going to recommend you about the fund to invest during the R.I.S.K.

Before the funds’ recommendation, shall we learn about the R.I.S.K situation for a little?

  • R stands for “Recession” which we heard a lot lately. A recession can occur anytime. It can happen when the growth of the economy is slow-down, after being at the peak of progress or after the peak of inflation. Recession has caused an impact on investment because of the slow growth.
  • I stands for “Inflation” which describes the situation that the price of everything tends to rise. For example, the price of household goods and the price of food such as pork, chicken or the price of leek which has risen from 5 baht to 10 baht.
  • S stands for “Stagflation” , the economic downturn with high rate of unemployment and inflation. This is a sign for an abnormal economic phenomenon because normally an employment rate and inflation rate are inverse. For example, the inflation is caused by the high demand of the people that raises the price of the goods and services which means the economy is growing with a low unemployment rate. However, stagflation means there is more unemployment with no power to buy things at a high price. Investors who invested in funds or stocks are at a loss.
  • K stands for “Kremlin” , a conflict between Russia and Ukraine which causes damage to the economy and a lot of people. This is likely to continue.

Recommended Mutual Fund in R.I.S.K

1.Commodities Fund such as fuel or property

2.Technology Fund might be perfect for those who want to collect because the Technology Fund is reducing the interest rate. Thus, technology companies, especially software, can stay strong and earn a lot of profit.

3.Energy Fund is suitable for companies that care about the environment and energy saving. The lack of energy in Europe might be an indicator that emphasized the importance of clean energy.


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