Short hair Ideas! To look younger

Since the weather in our country is hot, having long hair might be hard to take care of and many girls might want to change their looks to short hair girls. Girls should not miss this content because short hair will make girls look younger, cuter and hotter! Today, ACU has gathered some short hairstyles to share with you guys.

Before taking a look at the short hairstyles, let’s see the advantage of short hairstyle first so that you will understand why there are saying says that “having short hair once, having short hair forever”

  • Easy to take care of: Since the hair is short, it will not take more than 10 minutes to wash or dry your hair. Also, you do not have to style your hair much, just a little comb to complete the looks.
  • Make you look younger: Short hair will camouflage our eyes to look thin, and long-neck, and make our faces look younger. With bobbed hair, it will also help to cover the cheeks which makes our face look slender.
  • Relieve the heat and make us feel comfortable: Long hair can cause headaches, especially for those who have thick-haired, the heavier the hair, the worse it will be for their bodies. Nevertheless, short hair does not only improve their look but also makes them more comfortable.
  • Completely change your looks: You can change your appearance immediately when you cut your hair short. Also, you can do many looks such as a baby look, sexy look, sweet look, and cute look. Choose whatever you want.

Short Hairstyle Ideas

1. Layered short hair with see-through bangs. This will enhance the look to be sexier, and cool and a feeling of artistic girl

2. Layered bob hair. This hairstyle can be set to look better just by curling your hair for a little to cover your cheek which will make your face look smaller.

3.Complete short hair cut. Adjusting the look to be a cool girl who carries full confidence!! Currently, many models have cut their hair in this style a lot.

4.Short hair cut with an open for ears. Adjust the look for this shape in all ways. Whether it’s cool, confident, or cute. Because it’s a layered haircut with short hair at the front and longer hair at the back of your head so that you can see the side of your ears.

5.Shoulder-length bob hair. For any girl who can’t decide whether to keep her hair short or long or cut her hair short and wants her hair to grow long quickly, This hairstyle is recommended to look sweeter and cuter.

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