"Social Commerce", a new type of commerce, that is going to beat all platforms.

"Social Commerce", a new type of commerce, that is going to beat all platforms.​

         During this period, we have seen the growth of e-Commerce platforms, but another thing that is becoming very popular is social commerce, such as Facebook, Line, and Tiktok, which have very high growth prospects. E-Commerce itself also has to advertise or promote itself through these platforms. Because these social media platforms have users, or consumers.


What is Social Commerce?

              Social commerce is a type of e-commerce where products are sold through social media platforms and can be marketed at the same time. Leading social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Line are very special in that they have a massive user base.

         different from before. It’s just a space for communication. Whether it’s users or consumers, businesses or brands, or even those in e-Commerce itself, nowadays, not only can brands or businesses communicate with consumers, but consumers will also be able to order products through that platform. You can also do it without leaving the application.

Statistics on Social Media Users

        from the data from all 3 platforms in Thailand. We can see that the number of social media users is more than half the country. So, this is an advantage and an opportunity for the growth of social commerce that is very advantageous.

The Difference Between Social Commerce and e-Commerce

1. Social commerce has the potential to generate social interactions.

          Social media trading generates more interaction than traditional website purchases. Customers will be able to ask their friends about the purchase of various products. including comments and reviews from other users as well. This can create interactions between customers and sellers as well.

2. Social commerce can reduce the process of purchasing.

         With social commerce, we can shop with just a few clicks. But other online channels may have many interruptions. Shopping with too many steps can prevent the store from selling. because there is a high chance that customers will change their mind about buying because of too many steps. This often happens with non-social e-commerce channels.

3. Social commerce can make a lot of money.

           Because selling products online is like putting your products in a crowded marketplace where people are ready to buy them. According to the research, 81% of shoppers search for products on Instagram and Facebook. and 48% of PINTEREST users use it specifically for shopping.

4. Social commerce allows you to focus quickly on your goals.

         Social commerce isn’t just about making transactions faster. But it can also allow us to collect feedback quickly because customers can review your products so that you can improve them. You will know exactly who your customers are and can talk to them directly through the comment box, direct message for after-sales service or consult with customers.

5. Social commerce is where people are ready to buy products.

          Because the majority of people who use social media are 18–34 years old, they spend most of their time on social media and most prefer shopping online. According to research, more than 48% of American social media users between the ages of 18 and 34 have made online purchases, and more than 27% of those not in that age range have expressed an interest in doing so. From the information above, it can be said that social commerce is a modern marketplace where it is worth selling your products.

6. It can be specific to the main target audience.

            because this online platform has a lot of customer information. As a result, you have a better chance of reaching your target. and more targeted advertising (hyper-target your prime audience). Social commerce allows your products to be placed in front of customers who are ready to buy your products. While normal trading is not possible.

Reference : bangkokbiznews

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