Let's see!! Which online application is safe to apply for a loan?

Let's see!! Which online application is safe to apply for a loan? ​

When people are looking for a loan source, scammers pretend to be loan providers and then deceive people into transferring money to them through various methods, such as SMS, LINE, Facebook, loan applications, and phone calls. By using the message to lure that the loan is easy, fast, low interest, fewer documents, no guarantee required, and Blacklist can also get a loan. As a result, for safety reasons. Please check carefully. Do not believe the scammers. you should check that those service providers are licensed to do business legally. and call the referred services provider before making a loan decision. Which loan application is safe? can be I checked with the Bank of Thailand.

Click here to check.check on the loan application.

If you believe the crooks, then transfer the money to them. and become a victim. What should you do?

  1. Remain calm and collect as much evidence and relevant information as possible.
  2. Report all evidence to the police station in the area of the crime.
  3. Contact the bank after the report to freeze the scammer’s account.

You can proceed and report the incident as follows.

  • Report to the police station in the area where the crime has been committed.

  • Report a lead at the Information Technology Crime Suppression Center, The Royal Thai Police (SAT) hotline 1599 or submit a complaint online here >> report a lead online.

  • In the case of the loan shark, contact the loan shark reporting center, Fiscal Policy Office, Ministry of Finance.


  • Call 1359 or file a complaint online >> a loan shark reporting center.

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