Pink used to be for boys and blue for girls

People have used colors to express many different meanings, including their emotions, personalities, social statuses, and genders of men and women since a long time ago. It can be seen that in the present time, colors are used to distinguish the genders of the baby. Many parents prefer playing games to guess what gender their child will be. If it’s ‘blue’, the baby will be ‘male’, ‘pink’ will be ‘girl.’ However, during a certain era, the color of girls and boys are not the same as in the modern time. Today, ACU PAY will take you to know more about the colors of boys and girls. Let’s start!

What do the colors of sockets mean?

Many of you might notice that there are 3 colors of sockets which are white red and yellow at hospitals or other places. Have you ever wondered what the meaning of each color is and how to use them? Today, ACU PAY will tell you guys.