What do the colors of sockets mean?

Many of you might notice that there are 3 colors of sockets which are white red and yellow at hospitals or other places. Have you ever wondered what the meaning of each color is and how to use them? Today, ACU PAY  will tell you guys.

Socket-outlet or Receptacle is the receptacle for the head plug from electrical appliances. Usually, the outlet is attached to the building wall. There may be either 2 holes or 3 holes.

The reason why the power outlets come in many colors is because when you use them, you can know what kind of power outlet it is. This is especially important in designing the electricity system in a healthcare facility or others, it will be used as follows:

  1. White: It is a socket for a normal circuit that has a power supply from electricity. When the power is turned off, it will not work. This type of outlet has no color designation, but most of them are usually used in white.
  2. Red: It is for an emergency circuit that receives power from a generator or UPS. If the power is off, this outlet can still be used (for the design requirements for electrical systems in nursing homes, this type of outlet will be defined as red).
  3. Yellow: It is a special outlet that separates the special colors. Most of them are seen in operating rooms that use the power supply system as an Isolated circuit for the safety of patients and staff in the operating room.

A plug is a pole or plug with wires attached to an electrical appliance. It has two or three metal legs to plug it into the outlet, making it possible to use the appliance. In addition, a new USB socket is made to be modern and easy to charge for mobile phone and tablet batteries.

Currently, the 2-legged receptacle has been discontinued due to the lack of support for the Thai Industrial Standard (TIS). The 3-legged receptacle is safer because this leg will have a ground wire to prevent the user from getting electrocuted. The operation of the ground wire is a wire that guides the leakage current into the ground so that it does not flow through the user’s body. In addition, the ground wire will send electricity back to the transformer if there is a leak. When sent back, the short-circuit protection device will cut off power immediately and reduce the chance of a house fire from a short circuit.

However, outlets are important electrical equipment in the home building. It is a daily-use device, so be sure to check the outlet condition. If damaged, replace it for safety and efficiency.

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