Unveil the history of the Mala Hot Pot, and who started it.

When you eat with your friends, the restaurant that always inevitably pops up in your mind will be Thai BBQ Buffet, Shabu, or Chinese Hot Pot which is now popular in Thailand. Did you know about the history of the Chinese Hot Pot with the numb spicy taste that we like? Let’s find out with ACU PAY!

The origin of the Chinese Hot Pot must be traced back centuries. The beginning is assumed to have occurred during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220) This is the first place where lamb meat is cooked, but the concept of cooking in a boiling soup pot has been found since before Chinese history. Started by nomadic tribes of ancient China, meat was cooked in the same way using central stoves that heat with stones or fire.

Over time, the Hot Pot was developed and added more ingredients. During the Tang Dynasty (618-907), various spices and condiments were found to be used to enhance the taste of the Hot Pot. Copper pots were also becoming more widely distributed during the Song Dynasty (960-1279), causing more people to use them to cook.

Later, during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), Chinese Hot Pot was improved. The difference in taste of each region began to occur, showing various cooking traditions in different provinces. For example, the Sichuan Hot Pot, which is famous for its spicy taste and numbness, has become a very famous Hot Pot in southwestern China. Use Huajiao or Sichuan pepper, the famous pepper from Sichuan Province to add a hot taste dimension to the Hot Pot’s eating.

Currently, Chinese fire pots have a variety of types and flavors. Including different names in each area and culture, such as Beijing called “Xuan Yang Rou” (肉羊涮), Sichuan Chongqing called “Hua Guo” (火锅 ), Zhejiang Province called “Nuan Guo” (暖锅) Guangdong Province called Ta Pian Lu (打边炉 ), Ningxia Hui (The Autonomous Region) called “Guozi”(锅子).

“Hua Guo” Chinese Hot pot from Sichuan Chongqing is well known and popular among Thai people. The Hot Pots from this area are also divided into two types: Chengdu Hot Pot which focuses on Mala fragrant oil soup with little spicy taste and Mala beef fat soup with a spicy taste. Not only does it make the meal delicious, but it also provides a unique dining experience as it is filled with laughter, stories, and delicious food with family and friends.

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