You pay immediately if you have money. Let’s get to know “Oniomania” , a shopping addiction

Nowadays, we have been hypnotized by the word “It’s a must” on social media. Every time, we have to buy those items even though we tried to stop ourselves but failed. You feel guilt when you buy it but stress out when you resist buying it. Is it weird?

If you feel that way, ACU PAY will answer you and take you to know about Oniomania or the state that you go shopping to relieve stress.

What is Oniomania?

Oniomania is derived from the Greek word “onius” meaning “to trade” and “mania” meaning “madness”, which means the madness that wants to shop for no reason.

Also known as Compulsive Buying Disorder (CBD) is a behavioral disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to spend money on this or that thing all the time without being able to restrain or stop one’s actions. People with this condition are often excited and happy during the shopping process, but these emotions are often followed by guilt and financial problems.

What are the symptoms of Oniomania?

If you have four or more of the following behaviors, it means that you have a shopping addiction, according to experts.

  • Buying things daily or weekly
  • Go shopping when you are upset to brighten up your mood
  • Prefer using credit cards to paying in cash
  • You feel ok to pay the bill late or open new credit cards for shopping
  • Buying things without considering necessity makes them remain unused.
  • Lie or steal money to go shopping
  • Even if they feel guilty after shopping, they will continue to do so because they cannot control and stop their shopping behavior.

Causes of Oniomania, shopping addiction

The cause of the disease is a natural human mechanism to protect oneself when feeling lonely, sad or uncontrollable. Therefore, it chooses to use money to solve problems. Experts reveal that it reflects some of the mental state, feelings or wounds they try to hide because they don’t want to face them. 

Another possible cause is the link between shopping and brain function. Experts from Indiana University in the United States revealed that when shopping, the brain releases too much dopamine and endorphins, which are known as happy chemicals. For a long time, they became addicted to what happened when they were shopping and finally became a shopping addiction.

What are the negative effects of Oniomania?

This has serious bad effects on both finance and health problems because people have to borrow money to pay for things they buy which results in endless debt. It also affects relationships with people around them and their families because they secretly shop without telling anyone. When there is an unmanageable debt, it can be detrimental to mental health such as stress and depression. When the problem is unsolved, it can lead to a crime.

How to cure Oniomania completely

  • Acknowledge your emotions: Be conscious, be aware of the emotions, and control them.
  • Consider the need: Think before you buy it, make sure you don’t buy things that you have already bought, and don’t shop at your discretion.
  • Make an income-expenditure account: Plan expenses every month, reduce unnecessary expenses, and create financial discipline for yourself.
  • Consult a doctor/expert: To receive proper diagnosis and treatment, prevent severe symptoms or other consequences that may follow.

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