Thailand tourist arrivals statistics

January 1st 2022 to July 31st 2022

Thailand tourist arrivals statistics

          The Tourism Authority of Thailand has released statistics on arrivals to Thailand for 2022 showing that there are more than 3.33 million foreign tourists to Thailand, with “Malaysian” tourists leading “India” to become the Top country entering Thailand recently with more than 4.2 million people.  The main factors are due to benefit of the “cancellation of the Thai pass system” last July 1st. Moreover, in the data for July, the number of tourists exceeded 1 million in the first month.



  1. Malaysian, divided into 420,660, considered to be as 12.61%
  2. Indian, is divided into 337,282 people, considered to be as 10.12%
  3. Singapore, divided into 183,836 people , considered to be as 5.51%
  4. English, divided into 167,232 people , considered to be as 5.02%
  5. Laos, divided into 157,831 people , considered to be as 4.73%

Top 5 Tourists ranked by checkpoint

  1. Suvarnabhumi Airport has 1,920,341 people, considered to be as 57.59%
  2. Phuket International Airport has 603,974 people, considered to be as 18.11%
  3. Don Mueang Airport has 191,893 people, considered to be as 5.76%
  4. Sa-Dao has 141,337 people , considered to be as 4.24%
  5. Nong- Khai province has 77,401 people , considered to be as 2.32%

Cumulative number of tourists from January 1st to July 31st , 2022

  • January 140,621 people
  • February 154,813 Number of people
  • March 211,092 Number of people
  • April 297,365 Number of people
  • May 532,177 Number of people
  • June 788,258 Number of people
  • July 1,210,000 people

Total 3,334,326 people

Cancellation of Application for Thailand Pass System

        From January 2022 to July 2022, the recovery of the foreign tourist travel market shows that there were 140,621 foreign tourists in January, 154,813 foreign tourists in February, and 211,092 foreign tourists in March. Finally, the number of foreign tourists in April was 297,365.

        In May, the government gradually indulgent travel measures to Thailand, announcing the cancellation of the Test & Go system, which took effect from May 1, with a total of more than 532,177 foreign tourists.

        In June, the government cancelled all quarantine systems for passengers who entering Thailand, effective on June 1st. Including those who had been vaccinated., which are 788,258 were unvaccinated people.

From July 1st, no longer to apply for a Thailand pass when entering Thailand. The number of foreign tourists entering Thailand has reached 1.21 million.

        “According to the July statistics, the Thailand Pass system was canceled, and it was found that the number of foreign tourists entering Thailand increased, 33,000-49,000 per day, and the total number for the whole of July was 1.21 million, a month-on-month increase of 53.5%. According to the foreign tourists, the latest assessment of trends was 788,258 in June. The Tourism Authority of Thailand maintains its target of attracting 10 million foreign tourists to Thailand for the full year of 2022.”

        The Government Tourism Office of Thailand still awaiting a response from the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) on when the Economic Situation Management Center will be held. In order for the Government Tourism Office of Thailand to showcase the project “We recover together” requires the government to allocate more budget to the Government Tourism Office of Thailand about THB 1,035.75 million for “boosters” or boosters to revitalize the tourism industry in the entire system.

        In order to achieve the target of 1.5 trillion baht in total revenue in 2022, recover 50%of the total revenue in 2019 to close at 3 trillion baht, divide the market of 10 million foreign tourists, create 800,000 baht of income and 160 million Thais travel in the country times, generating revenue of 656 billion baht.

Reference : bangkokbiznews

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